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  1. I don't know what this problem is related to for you, but I noticed that the rejection of sent equipment helps to unload the brain and look at the world more clearly. Try, for example, not using the TV, computer, or phone until 2 p.m. and evaluate the result.

    Just like that! Try doing only 1 task at a time. If you are working, do not be distracted by the phone or other stimuli. If you're eating, don't watch or read anything while you eat.

    Also adds tone.

  2. It may just be fatigue. The fact is that the brain is made up of neurons. Neurons are connected to each other. The connection is called a synapse. Synapses can be electrical, chemical, or mixed. With electrical devices, it is clear – by the type of wires. If a chemical substance-a mediator-is used at the junction to exchange arousal, then the synapse is either chemical or mixed. The mediator is consumed and restored. If you've burned everything, then you're hitting a wall: you'll have to wait until the neurotransmitters are restored and you can use your neurons again.

  3. Honestly, I don't understand what exactly you have on misli, but I think in such situations, no matter how bad my advice seems, you just need to break this wall, ignore it and do it further, although from the psychological side this can cause bad consequences such as depression or frustration in your abilities, but from my point of view, you need to win in the same way.

    Unfortunately, I can't understand what exactly you mean, I haven't met this before. At such moments, you can try to use motivation or a walk along the street for about twenty minutes. Motivation is generally a good thing. Use it more often.

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