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  1. If there is a breakdown , this is not a reason to quit the program.

    You need to find out what is an emotional trigger for you, in what state you are approaching a breakdown, and analyze your emotions

    Keeping a regular Diary of your Feelings helps a lot. The essence of the method is that during the day you record events, both small and large, and record emotional reactions to what is happening. The main thing is to be honest with yourself, which is not always possible even for non-dependent people, and the psyche of a drug addict, as you know, is different. Try this method for a month, monitor your mental health and condition. It is difficult to cope with the problem on your own, consult a narcologist – here you can do it for free, regardless of your city of residence.

    Good luck fighting addiction!

  2. I will be confused, and I cannot accept the answer myself, it is unpleasant, but it seems to me that there is truth in this.

    Treatment of addiction can only be through another addiction. Of course, you can add alcohol and cigarettes here. But there are other addictions, such as obsession with creativity, science, and travel.

    I wasn't addicted to heavy drugs. And I judge only by tobacco and food addiction.

  3. Work on what really bothers you. Any use is a consequence, not a cause. Remove what makes you want to take drugs because of your intolerance to reality and there will be no need to take them.

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