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  1. In fact, objectivism is nothing more than the philosophy of Ayn Rand, promoted by a number of organizations created to promote it. Therefore, it is best to refer to the primary sources.

    The best book to start a systematic introduction to objectivism is Answers: On Ethics, Art, Politics, and Economics. This is a collection of Ayn Rand's own systematized answers to various philosophical questions, which allows you to get a fairly complete picture of her ideas.

  2. Ayn Rand in her youtube.com In my last public lecture, I recommended reading” The Ominous Parallels ” by Leonard Peikoff.

    Цитирую отрывок из её речи: “He is a brilliant professor of philosophy and it is the best book […] If you like my book, you will like this one”

  3. There are many books by Ayn Rand in Russian translation. There's even a book by Leonard Peikoff called Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand. However, the quality of translation of all these works leaves much to be desired, and this is due to the complexity of understanding and distinguishing certain concepts in objectivism (for example, the words “egoism” and “selfishness” are translated into Russian as “egoism”, although they have slightly different meanings in the context of Ayn Rand's works).

    Therefore, if you know English, it is better to read objectivist books in the original. So on the site�aynrand.org�you can find all of Ayn Rand's books, as well as lectures (in English) on the principles of objectivist philosophy. Check out Leonard Peikoff's website �peikoff.com where you can find his books on this topic. Nathaniel Branden's website will also help: http://www.nathanielbranden.com

    In addition, Ayn Rand often spoke about the need for romanticism in the modern world. Therefore, Theodore Dreiser's “Trilogy of Desire”and the books of other similar authors can be useful, although they are no longer directly related to objectivism.

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