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  1. Few people have experienced the pain of loss that Job experienced. When his friends came to see what had happened to him and his family, they began to cry aloud, tore their clothes, and threw dust over their heads. And I emphasize: we sat down next to each other and sat for a week without saying anything. Only then did they begin to try to comfort them, but Job said to their “consolations” and “advice” that it would be better if they were silent. Therefore, just a silent presence is better than inappropriate or insensitive words.

    1. It is quite enough to express sympathy, limiting yourself to one sentence. If it takes place, of course.

    2. You can add that you understand the pain of loss. If you have actually encountered such a situation.

    If there is nothing on these points, it is better not to say anything. A person in a situation of experiencing loss often does not need many words from others.

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