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  1. Take 50-100 grams: in small doses, alcohol increases the metabolism of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, which has a positive effect on cognitive processes (although not for long). But no more: ethanol is a drug that has a depressing effect on the central nervous system, so instead of stimulation in this case, you will get… well, you get it.

  2. Usually, nootropics should be taken in a course — the effect occurs in about a week, depending on the pills, if at all (some nootropics are almost useless-like glycine and noopept).

    There is one nice exception to this rule — Semax drops. This is a nootropic that is taken nosally(in the nose) and acts in 2-3 minutes, improving concentration and attention. The brain stimulates very well and most importantly the effect is felt immediately.�

    Just keep in mind that:

    1) drops should be stored in the refrigerator, and without it no more than four hours-otherwise the drops will stop working.

    2) test before the exam. You never know for sure how a particular drug will affect you. Taking something for the first time on exam day is a strong risk that you can hardly afford. Even if everyone says that “it's cool, I've tried it many times”

    3) drops should be taken 0.1%, not 1%, so don't forget to pay attention to this parameter.

    Well, a radical option. No, not drugs. There is such a medicine as modafinil in the world. It is banned in Russia and I do not urge you to break the law, no matter how ridiculous it is, but if this medicine can be legally obtained due to any disease, then perhaps it is worth it. Modafinil by prescription and without is drunk by students of top universities in the world from Harvard to Yale — it improves your abilities absolutely fantastic (15-20% which is a lot) But you should understand that competition there is not the same as the Unified State Exam. The so-called smart drags are very popular and often necessary there — because high ratings in such universities are a direct path to a huge annual income after graduation.�

    In your situation, it is still better to start a combination of phenotropil/piracetam / phenibut + semax. Do not forget to look at all the contraindications in detail and stop drinking if you feel unpleasant side effects (by the way, from some phenotropil you have every chance of sleeping badly before the exam, and sleep is very important before the exam).

  3. Oh, my God! What other nootropics? What are all these people talking about? To begin with, what do you mean by “improving brain activity”? At the age when people pass the Unified State Exam, brain activity has not yet managed to deteriorate, where do you want to improve it?

    To pass the exam successfully, you need to:

    1. It is good to know the subject.

    2. Cope with the excitement.

    If you don't know how to solve quadratic equations, no amount of “enhanced brain activity” will save you. In the case of the exam, all these pills (and even more so homeopathy) are nothing more than a placebo. Self-confidence comes after a lot of practice. If you are not registered with a doctor due to some real – life problems in the brain, then forget about pills and open textbooks. To calm down before the exam, you can eat something sweet or drink chamomile tea, but even this works more for autosuggestion.

  4. I will support those who write about nootropics and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). However, let me remind you that most synthesized drugs of this kind contain GABA (GABA), which does not pass the blood-brain barrier. Not to mention that alcohol, coffee, and many medications have side effects that can ruin your time after exams. Unlike GABA, which is found in the tea leaf. This acid, unfortunately, breaks down during tea preparation, but the cunning Japanese learned to preserve it in one of the tea leaf preparation technologies, placing the leaf in an anaerobic environment(vacuum) during fermentation. This tea on sale is called “Gaba tea”, you can buy it in the tea shops of your city.

  5. In a couple of weeks, you can take a course of various nootropics. These are drugs that help you think faster and better, increase concentration and work capacity. I will announce the combinations that I myself took and accept now, when I write my diploma.�

    Cheap option-piracetam 1000-1500mg in the morning+glycine 2000mg also in the morning

    More expensive, but also working-phenotropil according to the instructions in the morning and vitamins.

    If your hearing or vision improves, don't be surprised. This happens, but not for everyone

  6. I didn't take anything and I don't advise you, especially on the day of the exam, if you haven't tried it before.�

    In my opinion, it is best to adjust the daily routine and stick to it at least during exams. Get enough sleep, take a walk, and alternate between mental and physical activities. Old as the world, but it is an eternal and effective classic. Maybe you'll like it) Yes, and in general, you will feel better + the effect is longer, of course, with regular “use”.

    Prepare well and have fun!

  7. Chocolate accelerates the brain very well. I tested it myself at the OGE. It helped, by the way. Gives energy, charge. But I advise you to do this in the middle of the exam. After all, after the cessation of the action of those substances that give chocolate, it happens like this: you are so zahaval candy, blood vessels have expanded, blood has become better to flow to the brain, everything is cool, you feel good, but after 30 minutes, the effects of sugar stop, and you feel tired. Something like that. I did this when I was halfway through the exam, because I was strong enough. And if you eat it first, it is possible that your body will be exhausted, but this is not accurate, since different organisms. Anyway, use chocolate and everything will be normal)))they also advise honey, but how to bring it to the exam I xs. And I like milk chocolate, I haven't tried bitter.

  8. Magne b6 forte helps me, it increases my performance, as I understand it. Initially, a psychologist prescribed it for me, but now I drink it myself when some important events like exams are coming, which take a lot of time and effort.

  9. For the answers above, I can recommend biotredin. You need to drink a course, you can take it together with glycine for a better result. Thanks to him, I passed the summer session with 5 tests and 3 tests perfectly, and I didn't even study so well in school (:

  10. This is a very simple question, and the answer to it is quite well-known and well-developed! There are vitamins — all groups of vitamin B are suitable for the nervous system, and it can be safely charged with them. The most important of them is vitamin B2.

    There are substances that improve vascular permeability, for example, of plant origin-ginkgo biloba and everything related to it.

    And there are substances called thermoprotectors — those that directly improve brain function, the so — called group of nootropics-Nootropil, Piracetam, Phenotropil and so on. If you approach this issue in a balanced way, you can get very good results quite quickly.

    You can get the desired result without drugs — sit down, concentrate and study. People generally drink drugs, and this is especially true for residents of megacities, because we are in a state of chronic stress, very exhausted, and for us vitamins and protectors are the main substances. Without them, a healthy lifestyle is important, the absence of all harmful substances, including any psychoactive substances, including alcohol and nicotine, daily routine, and physical education. These are very simple things, but the most important thing in them is rest and proper physical activity without overwork.

    All such drugs have a short-term effect and nourish nerve tissue, brain cells, improve chemical processes, and protect the tissue from overload. And if the dose is chosen correctly, then there will be no negative effect. If the dose is 2-4 times higher than the standard, then the reverse process of positive stimulation will occur — exactly the same effect occurs from an overabundance of coffee or tea.

  11. I'm in the 11th grade, I've been drinking glycine from evalar all year, it helped a lot, improved my memory, suppressed anxiety, increased my concentration, and got a better night's sleep,) good luck to everyone on exams)

  12. Our brain feeds on glucose, which means that for the brain to work, it needs to be fed with glucose. Bitter chocolate also makes the brain work well. But everything needs to know the measure.

  13. about nootropics here already said, I personally even one tablet of phenotropil directly in the morning before the exam helps.�

    if we talk about other means, then a couple of spoons of honey with walnuts will not be superfluous)

  14. Accept yourself and the world. There will be less philosophical thoughts in your head, the brain will not be distracted by them and will focus on the main thing in each person's life – the Unified State Exam.

  15. Good over-the-counter nootropics are unlikely to be available, and the best you can hope for is a placebo effect. As many people here advise, take a chocolate bar with you to the audience. And most importantly rustle more foil)

  16. As already mentioned, you can take nootropics, but you will need to get a prescription for them. Or find a pharmacy that sells this stuff without a prescription, but it's hard to find such a pharmacy. And they must be taken in a course of at least 2 weeks, as far as I know.�

    Specifically, Coca-Cola has always helped me). I usually drink 0.5 before anything important where I need it.

  17. You can take nootropics a week or two before the Unified State Exam. Phenotropil, piracetam, the same banal glycine. You can also take caffeinated foods, vitamin C. All these drugs will stimulate the brain.

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