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  1. If you want to believe in reincarnation, believe in reincarnation. Just find out first in more detail what it is, so as not to “get into a mess”. No one can tell you what to believe, you can even believe in a Macaroni Monster.

    And yes , you can also draw inspiration from any mythology. And here there is absolutely no difference between the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Mabinogion, the Odyssey with the Iliad, the Avesta and Rig Veda, the Eddas and Cycles of Irish Myths. Myths are what people believe in. The myths of ancient Greece do not differ significantly from the myths of Christians, except that from the point of view of Christians, these myths are truth and historical fact, while the myths of Greece are lies and deception. Both these and other myths are written down by people.

    Therefore, if you are not hooked on some myths – try to get acquainted with others, the benefit of the rebirth of the soul, one way or another, was present in various religions, not only in India. And we now have a lot of different mythologies, all in the public domain.

  2. If you consider yourself a conscientious Christian, it makes sense to share your doubts with a knowledgeable, well-meaning person. The easiest way is to come to the church and ask the priest to talk to you (preferably not during the service). You may have to do this several times until you find someone you can trust.

    Over time, in the process of living a Christian life, your doubts and fears should be resolved.
    In particular, you will understand that the belief in reincarnation is incompatible with Christian beliefs, and the cruelties you are talking about are more related to the Old Testament than the New Testament, and they do not form the basis of the Christian faith.

    And parents, one way or another, can make mistakes.

    • There have always been teachers who brought knowledge to teach people (souls) the various laws of nature that keep rhythm and harmony. From a strictly logical point of view, it is absurd to want to experience reality without knowing ourselves. To do this, you need to awaken consciousness. Concept is one thing, but reality is another.

    • You did well, I want to praise you! It's good that there are people like you, real seekers, warriors of the spirit, who are drawn to the light, to the truth. Do not give up your quest to know the truth, it is true! Even though you live in a religious family, you have a spark in your heart that allows you to understand spiritual things more deeply than your parents did.

    Yes, Reincarnation exists, almost all the teachings of the world testify to this, it is stupid to deny it, people remember their past lives, etc. There is a Law of Scales of Justice, and a concept like the “Wheel of Samsara” that needs to be explored.

    • How can we be sure that we are coming back to this world again?

    Returning to this world after death for some is just another theory, dogma, and for those of us who remember our past lives, reincarnation is a fact. This means that only by remembering our previous existences can we be convinced of the reality of reincarnation.

    • Why do many people not believe that we have had past lives?

    Some people don't believe this simply because they don't remember their past lives. And they do not remember them because their consciousness is completely immersed in sleep.

    In nature, there is that very Balance of the scales of justice.

    So be careful, because now there is a lot of fanaticism, a lot of fanatics who say that you can not kill animals, eat meat, etc. Fanaticism is not only vegetarian, but also religious: in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc., which interpret the laws one-sidedly in their own way, there are fanatics everywhere. Fanaticism is such a terrible thing. When a Person begins to interpret things in his favor in his own way, then the violation begins. and unconsciousness and ignorance of the laws of nature leads to ignorance, and from ignorance, fanaticism and mistakes begin.

    I hope I helped you understand a little, So if you stick to some of your knowledge that you studied, I can tell you that the knowledge that I share, it will not hurt your feelings, but rather greatly complement your knowledge, write if you have any questions!

  3. I want to share my experience. Reading Christian literature helps me a lot.

    Philippe Yancy writes very interestingly. He has a lot of books to read. For example, ” Disillusionment with God.”

    Lewis Carroll writes with appropriate humor about serious things. For example – “Christianity”.

    Try reading it. Maybe, like me, you will find many answers to your questions about God.

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