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  1. Oh, well, the question is different.
    1 – do you want him to live?

    And if so, what are you willing to do?

    After all, all the talk around suicide is like prayivlo, cries for help.

    ridiculous-but screams.

    But we have people grabbing you by the arms and pulling you out of the noose only when you are already standing on a stool.

    No one is ready to solve your problems and will not help you)

    In other words , are you ready to help the person and do you want to do it? or let him flounder?
    well, if he himself-then in fact, he has the right to decide what to do and how, even if this includes suicide

  2. If he speaks, it means that he wants to pay attention to his condition,this is a cry for help.In any case, do not ignore it,listen to it,provide support.And it is very desirable that he agrees to go to a psychiatrist suicidologist, because most suicides are committed due to mental illness, for example, with depression.Accompany him if he agrees.And do not leave him alone,in any case.

  3. You need to try to find out the reason why suicidal thoughts appeared in the first place, and when it happened. At such moments, support is important for a person.

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