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  1. A good site for brain training is Wikium , first you pass testing, it determines your abilities ( mindfulness, memory, etc.) and, in accordance with the results, determines your daily program for you. Unfortunately, you can only complete the limited version for free.

  2. If you want to “pump your brain”, then get additional education with the help of numerous online courses. Learn English. I recommend doing this from the very beginning. Knowing English will open many doors to new knowledge. Many online courses are available for free right now: programming, social sciences, economics, and law.

  3. I have the Elevate app on my smartphone. It is English-language, such a toy-razvivashka for speed, memory, attentiveness, the ability to quickly count in the mind, quickly process information and many other things. There are also tasks to improve the language – selection of synonyms, text analysis, vocabulary replenishment, tongue twisters. So this is a development program for English speakers, but if you learn English, you will be doubly pumped)

  4. For example, I study Spanish at duolingo, and watch all the well-known TED lectures and business secrets with Oleg Tinkov. Recently watched the series Adam spoils everything, more like a show where stereotypes are destroyed, mainly marketing, some episodes are very funny.

  5. The fact is that all sorts of applications train exactly some part(if you can say so) of your brain: memory, reaction speed, etc. Here it depends on what you need, please specify.�

    And so I strongly advise you to watch educational videos on YouTube (https://thequestion.ru/questions/124712/kakie-poleznye-i-interesnye-kanaly-na-youtube-mozhno-posmotret-poka-ty-esh-ubiraeshsya-prosto-vklyuchit-fonom); read special literature and follow groups that have been advised здесь:�https://thequestion.ru/questions/104117/na-kakie-pabliki-vkontakte-podpisatsya-chtoby-videt-v-lente-ne-tolko-memasy-no-i-deistvitelno-poleznuyu-informaciyu

    I don't know if my version will suit you, but I like to stick to Tetris or taktris. I also had�NeuroNation on my phone(most likely, it is most suitable as an answer), but I quickly got tired of it and deleted it. Your question, by the way, is very easy to Google, there are a lot of interesting options offered.�

    And I want to end with a quote:�

    “Ordinary people only think about spending their time; those who have any talent should at least use that time.”

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