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  1. When you scratch your ear intensely with your finger, who is more likely to get pleasure in your opinion ? Finger or ear?
    Here approximately the same mechanism can be used)

  2. Technologies of neurocybernetics, bionics and bioinformatics mainly. But this is such a complex undertaking that includes many scientific disciplines, including a large number of technologies from the fields of medicine, biochemistry, electronics, computer science, nanotechnology, etc. The task is very much interdisciplinary. As far as I know, the physical and biochemical foundations and principles of the brain, consciousness and memory are not sufficiently studied to artificially form knowledge/memories. To “download” information directly to the brain, you will need a computer-brain neural interface with biofeedback, capable of interacting with neurons and their connections at the modification-reorganization level, to provide the “read-write” function of information. In general, work on neural interfaces in the world has been going on for quite a long time, but I think we are still very far from uploading information to the brain.. About 8 years ago, the prospects for creating biocomputers were relatively well-known, perhaps such technologies would have slightly accelerated the creation of a device for downloading information to the brain, but the scientific and technical society in recent years has turned more towards quantum computers. But this does not mean that we are moving away from biotechnologies, perhaps the computing power of quantum technologies will greatly help in understanding the complex work of the brain and creating virtual models of functioning, which, in turn, will bring closer the possibility of creating a read-write device for the brain. It may turn out that at some point it will be easier to synthesize brain components with predefined information than to modify existing ones. Technologies such as 3D printing at the molecular level and nanoassembling (the concept of a device that collects something from atoms) may be relevant here. Where can I find experimental subjects who are ready to open the skull and hang the brain with electrodes or biomodifying micro-devices? 🙂

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