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  1. People get involved, enter into a variety of social relationships. They gain new experience. Rethink the old one. They change the world for themselves, they change from interaction with the world.

  2. I don't know what is in your understanding of things, but in fact the most primitive needs, this is the answer, then there are already cultural prejudices, explain what things are for you? The question is not clear a bit

  3. The only thing that people do regardless of their positions, health, and level of intelligence is make mistakes! Some more, some less. Depends on their knowledge. The more false knowledge you have about yourself, the more and more deeply you are deceived, ill, and suffer.

  4. Man is a living, social and intelligent animal, hence all people to varying degrees (depending on the place, time and other living conditions) do much inherent in living, social and even intelligent beings. Listing specific “cases” would take several dozen volumes of text (from birth, education, socialization to aging and death).

    But, first of all, no matter how wild it may sound, not everyone is not only fully socialized (there are also antisocial ones), but also dies, and if you “look deeper”, then not everyone is born.

    And, secondly, you marked the question with the tag “Psychology”, so I will not continue to talk about “life platitudes” (such as: “not everyone pees in their pants,” since there are still some living people who never wear pants). I will focus on “social” and “reasonable” behavior.

    In order to become a human, you need to learn and learn (otherwise you will remain an animal like “Mowgli children”). Everyone learns and learns (with varying degrees of success). In order to “succeed in life”, you need to do something, so all people do something themselves (create, distribute, consume and not only oxygen, drink and food).

    Society is a concept (and not a real “subject” of any kind), and it is stretchable and not quite definite. Rather, all people create/join various communities (sometimes even “criminal” ones)and socialize within them. Socialization in any way requires: communication, knowledge of the language and traditions of the community, skills and abilities of joint activities with others.

    As for the” psychos “(soul), all people, alas: “sin”, lie, try to look different from what they are, strive for “personal success” (but in very different ways, up to incompatible opposites), i.e. this clearly shows themselves to be unintelligent “spiritless” beings. However, at least in early childhood, all those who were able to become people: really think, learn, experience live, and not ostentatious empathy and compassion (i.e., they show themselves to be “intelligent spiritual beings”) to one degree or another. Modern man is, alas, a very “contradictory” creature.

    All of the above is partially true only if by “people” we mean not only “the biological species Homo sapiens”, but also something more that actually “makes a person a reasonable person” (at least in part). If you “look more broadly” (as a “view”, in terms of concepts), then it turns out that not all people even “breathe” (for example, a child in the womb does not breathe, does not eat or drink as “all people do”).

    I looked at your questions (in my profile) and tried to answer them in a clear and useful (for my taste and color) “key” for you (i.e. for understanding, not for “presentation”).

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