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  1. Great question! It is a shame not to know that the category of “shame” is not the feeling that occurs when you do not know the answer to some question that tests your erudition. Of course, it is bad that you will not know something, but it is not fatal, accept the fact that you will not fill all the voids of ignorance. And if you are going to develop in the direction of getting rid of shame by learning everything, then this is stupidity. Learn to say “I do not know!” without worrying too much about the fate of your intellectual. Yes, I'm a bore.

  2. It is not the one who does not know who does not know, but the one who has the false belief that he knows and therefore does not want to know. The point of view makes it difficult to think. The one who hears only himself does not know, and does not know how to reason from the arguments of the interlocutor.

  3. First, let's look at what shame is. Shame is a feeling caused by actions or thoughts that do not coincide with the generally accepted ones. A society that has developed its own rules, capable of shaming for their non-compliance, seeks to impose on each individual its own point of view, which the individual must adhere to. If an individual does not have any information (most often elementary) that everyone should know, then society has an opinion that this person is generally stupid and deserves to be shamed. People's favorite phrases on this topic: “How can you not know that at all? “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

    And if you ask them something elementary from another field, in which they are poorly or not at all rummaging, they immediately fall silent, as if they are not in business.

    It is worth understanding that it is not a shame not to know something, it is a shame not to learn anything at all! After all, no one can know everything. Everyone chooses for themselves the areas that they are interested in and actively develops in them. Knowledge is relative. Even the coolest polymath, who has extensive knowledge in some areas, may not know something in another area, sometimes even the most elementary.

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