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  1. First, remember that a bad period in life is bound to end sooner or later.

    Secondly, understand that you are the only one who can fix this situation.

    Third, no matter how banal it may sound, don't feel sorry for yourself and start doing something. I know from my own experience how difficult this is, but one way or another, it really helps.

  2. I wanted to know what to do, so I wandered in here.I thought I'd find the answer.So bad now, unbearable.If you think about it in your head, there's nothing wrong with me,everything is so small,and I can't breathe from pain and impotence.And I don't want to.It hurts too much.
    I grew up with children, I d / x, my whole life consisted of pots, laundry, toys.I always expected them to grow up and I would HEAL!But in fact,I don't want to eat or cook,because there is no one,and I don't need to,and it's so bitter, it hurts.The children have not yet flown out of the nest,but I see a void waiting for me ahead,it is already gathering around, a vacuum.I want to love and care,but the children don't need me so much anymore,and I'm afraid,terribly afraid of being unnecessary.I started talking about the child from the orphanage,my husband doesn't want to,he says,just got puffed up..He's on watch all the time, the kids have their own things to do,and only I'm on the sidelines.
    I'm not starving,I still have my family and loved ones around me, but I feel like this..it's lonely. The word loneliness,it is weak,it is a shame to say such things and complain.I feel useless,I never thought that my troubles would ever become unnecessary.I see no point in continuing to exist,I no longer have a goal,I have fulfilled my own.I want to die quietly in my sleep,just fall asleep and that's it, that's my dream, I'll wait now when I don't wake up,Only this can still happen in 40 years,I've already turned so much this year,My mother says life begins at 45,how can these 5 years be patient?
    Forgive me if you read this.I'm not asking for pity or understanding,I just want to speak out, at least in this way.As if I'm not talking to myself,your ghostly presence will hopefully ease my pain .

  3. So why don't you go die and write this question? Maybe you really want not so much to die, but to find a way out of life's impasse?

    I can recommend 2 things:

    1) Try to become your friend. First, stop bullying yourself and forcing yourself. You still have a small child inside you, and you can't keep it under the baseboard all your life. If you want to live, and not just exist, then you will have to reckon with him, and talk. It is better to spend time talking to yourself, to the part that resists the action and convince it that it is right, than to break it at the expense of your will. Otherwise, you will fall into similar states again and again.�

    2) Conduct an audit of yourself and your life: what suits you in it and in yourself, and what does not? What are you doing to change that? If the answer is ” nothing, because I'm so rastakaya…”, then imagine the person who says this to you and give him a slap in the face. And then remember or imagine how the person closest to you says that you can achieve anything that you really want and that you will put enough effort into. Repeat as necessary.

  4. 1) Good and delicious food.

    2) Get a long and deep sleep. (on fresh bedding, under a warm blanket, at least 8 hours)

    3) Find a job.

    Repeat the points until the attitude to life does not change.

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