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  1. If you don't want to die, then do what you want! Maybe you'll see the point of living in the process) If the meaning was there, but lost – you will have to find it! Ways to find meaning is a serious question, if you have a desire, please contact us.

  2. Then look for this very meaning of life! you will definitely find it! Also go to university! You're just starting to live! Plunge into life! And you will find the meaning of life for yourself

  3. Use your pain to your advantage. To get up, sometimes you need to push off from the bottom, because despair and hopelessness, in fact, is a huge resource. When a person is happy — he does not seek to change anything, but if he is uncomfortable, it makes him move forward. Losing the meaning of life, no matter how absurd it may sound, is an opportunity to start over from scratch, become stronger and change your life for the better.

  4. Find a person who will help you understand, it can be a specialist (psychotherapist) and a person you trust. In any case, you need internal work and external help.

  5. Not seeing the meaning of life doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It is there and you need to look for it. It's just that the answer doesn't lie on the surface. It can only be found by moving forward along the lifeline.

    If you feel bad, do not want anything, do not see prospects, etc., then this indicates that you have a weak energy. At the age of 18, you want to start a girlfriend/ meet a young man, if you are a girl. Take care of your health, for example, become a vegetarian like me). Energy will increase and you will just enjoy life. Good luck!

  6. The meaning of life is in life itself. This life is only the way to eternal life. And what it will be for us is decided here and now. It is decided every minute that we make our choice between good and evil. And this happens all the time to us here in this world.

  7. Live until 19 then until 20 then…one point – 21 wins. Then 22 … 23…33 – the age of Christ…go ahead and have no regrets. At each stage, new discoveries, joys and sorrows…it's great and fun …. just being alive

  8. Only someone who knows a lot about the world can find the meaning of life, so not seeing the meaning of life in 18 is completely normal. Get to know this world, get to know yourself (yes, very few people know about themselves at the age of 18, but some people manage to live their lives without knowing themselves), look for something that fascinates you, look for something that gives you a sense of self-need. And you will definitely find it!

  9. If you are 18, but still:�
    -you have all the limbs
    -you are not a slave to an Arab sheikh
    -you eat at least twice a day
    -your parents are not jungle wolves or wild dwarfs from the circus�
    – you have the Internet to write here�
    – the number of sets of your underpants > 3�>
    THAT! Take your two hands, open kontach, type “Darude-Sandstorm” in the music search. Turn it on full, open the window to the courtyard and inhale deeply. It's too early to break, you're not the first ice maker.
    18 years is the time when only beer should be dark. So go ahead, go for it!

  10. I might get hung up, but never mind. So, first you need to decide whether it's depression or just plain suffering. If this is really depression, then only a psychiatrist can help. And if this is not depression, then the solution is simple: put your hand in the groin area, find the male sexual organ and stop whining. Have a nice day.

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