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  1. Develop yourself! Go to work, if you suddenly sit at home, learn something new, develop your skills, this is what allows you not to degrade your brain! Plus, these skills will help you get a job or get a promotion!

  2. Our brain has a lot of neural connections, and over time, if you don't load the brain, the connections weaken, it becomes more difficult to remember information, perform logical calculations, and so on. Live communication (preferably with more educated people), communication with children, games with children and animals is something that will unobtrusively make your brain work, after which it will be easier to load it with more complex tasks.In addition, there are now a huge number of applications, I personally have a couple of them, and if possible, I pass tests and solve problems that are presented in a playful way. Do not start yourself up, take care of your education by force, find an area in which it will be interesting to develop and all This will not be a burden.

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