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  1. Relax. Just forget it, seriously. If you are satisfied with a B, then you can continue to study in the same way, because any C student can pass the OGE on 4.

    Moreover, judging by your concern, I can conclude that your studies are not in the last place for you.

    The OGE is a template, there is no place for creativity and fantasy in this exam. You can stupidly solve the n-oe number of options, back it up with fundamental knowledge in the subject and the top five is in your pocket.

  2. The OGE is still an easy exam, unlike the Unified State Exam.So calm down and don't worry.How many more of these exams will you need to pass?.. So calm and only calm. Do not only study, but also at least hobbyists. For example, take an hour's walk in the park or alleys, take pictures of nature…

  3. Do not wait or do anything at all, it is easy to write off, but it is not necessary. The main thing is to go to the 10th grade, or enter sharaga, depending on your ambitions.

  4. Look at the exams from a more philosophical,” high ” position. Remember, once we were concerned about the deuce, parents ' meeting, etc. Now you understand that this is just a life stage, an experience, but you don't die from it. So it is with exams: yes, stress, but only at this stage of life. Smile to yourself, make a cup of tea/coffee and realize that there is a whole life ahead of you, full of events, joys, adventures and achievements, among which exams are just a small step that will soon be invisible when climbing.

    Good luck to you!:)

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