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  1. We need to understand that, in principle, we have plenty of compatriots who have had a huge impact on this political trend and, moreover, literally formed its concept.

    At a minimum, these are 3 bright shapes:

    • P. A. Kropotkin
    • M. A. Bakunin
    • Leo Tolstoy

    I think it should be said that the second is to a greater extent, in addition to the fact that he is still a figure that catalyzes the development of ideology, rather, he is also a somewhat destructive person.

    These words mean that such a system of political views would hardly be self-sufficient without Kropotkin. This significant scientific figure successfully supplemented the theory, creating a new view of it.

    Unfortunately, I did not find the necessary quotation for the latter, but Tolstoy quite rightly formulates some of the principles even within the framework of “War and Peace”.

  2. Yes, in principle, there is only one basis of the basics – Kropotkin's “Anarchy”. There, from the first lines of reading, you begin to understand the whole essence of this ideology. And, even if you are bored at first,by the middle you will understand what is what and where it is going.

  3. Murray Rothbard, “Power and the Market” (this work is an example. It is better to read everything from him)

    Gustave De Molinari, “The Production of Security” (small but informative essay)

  4. Read the Anarchist's Cookbook

    But in the Russian Federation, it seems to be prohibited and therefore you need knowledge of English or an interpreter 1 two three four five six seven eight

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