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  1. Totally different people. If the author thinks that an animeshnik can only be an antisocial type who sits at home all the time in front of a computer, then he will be wrong. Of course, there are such people, but they are an absolute minority. Animeshniki are usually open people who love new acquaintances and communication. There are a lot of creative people, musicians and artists among animeshniki.

  2. Strange question. I wouldn't go so far as to divide people into “species”. Everyone has their own reasons for doing this or that action. Here I am, for example, quite often watch anime, and I am fundamentally different from my classmate, who also watches it. Of course, you can start talking about genres and think about why a person likes one or the other… But I don't think that's what the question is about, and I don't want to go too deep.�

    Dude, all people are different, and the type of people who watch anime just doesn't exist. Who looks, looks. It remains only to accept this.

  3. There is a suspicion that only young morons (including sad girls ) are fond of these cartoons (minus me, but I have not met other types who watch anime )

  4. If we omit the indisputable fact that anime can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, gender, social status, etc., then we must say that each anime (and in general any media product) has its own target audience, from which its creators are repelled.

    Basic CA Gradations for Anime:

    • Primary school age (separate for boys, separate for girls)

    • Teenagers, middle school age and up to ~25 years old, they are also Young Adult (separately for boys, separately for girls, but often unisex)

    • Men 18-?? years old (hentai:)

    Sometimes you can find exceptions with a more adult target audience and a higher degree of seriousness, but in reality, anime is rarely shot for people over 30 years old, except for the exception of films “for the whole family”.

    If you were expecting to see something like “blonds with IQ” in the answers

  5. There is no type. An animeshnik can be a redneck, and an intellectual, and a jock, but my God, who just doesn't watch anime. There are also people who generally don't watch anime, but they really “like” a certain title. It would be more correct to correlate the types of people and genres of anime that might suit them.
    I generally believe that absolutely for any person you can pick up anime to taste, of course, if he does not perceive this type of creativity “in hostility”, shouting at every corner “anime for faggots)0”.

  6. To answer this question, ask yourself other questions. What type of people are interested in movies? What type of people are interested in cartoons? What type of people are interested in music? The answer is one: everything. With anime, everything is exactly the same. It can be watched by adults and children, smart and stupid, a resident of the south and a resident of the north, and so on. Anime wasn't created for just one thing. Everyone will find in it what they want.

  7. I have quite a few friends who like to watch anime. And I can say with confidence that anime is watched by any people, regardless of their “type”. These are both smart and stupid people, both sociable and reserved, both athletes and people who are not fond of sports. It can be adults(over 30), and children of very young years.�

    In general, I can advise you not to try to classify people by their hobbies. This very rarely works. And all these stereotypes about closed animeshniki, stupid jocks, redneck factory workers, all this is debunked when you meet such people in person.

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