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  1. All religions of the world are united by the process of creation of modern man. It is possible to consider this process as a single one, but it is not necessary. First of all, this is not relevant. Second, no one needs an inter-religious consensus. How many religions, so many Adams. This is more interesting than one Adam for everyone.

  2. religions are united by the function of filling meaning with empirically unavoidable uncertainties, this is directly related to the mechanism of rationalizing the environment, because the brain does not tolerate uncertainty: what will happen tomorrow? why was I unlucky in hunting? how can I influence the elements?
    in this sense, science itself is only an intellectually sophisticated religion, a sort of materialistic mysticism.

  3. All religions of the world are united by serving God, and without faith in God, it is an unconscious service, because, from the creation of the world, religion is an integral part of the divine essence of God's servants in the person of the people, the authorities (the political and religious hierarchy of the people's power) and religion (the civil and religious hierarchy of the people,

  4. All religions share one goal: to create a superlife, so to speak. To do this, all religions go beyond everything imaginable, into the spiritual world. In this way, they realize the need of a person, as the highest stage of evolution, to move to the next stage. religion shapes What we all want to become.

    Science, ideologies, esotericism would seem to be about the same thing. But they are about adaptability, about improving the quality of our current life. But is it really worthy of Supermachta, which “takes your breath away”? Something I want to fall on my knees before, because It is evolutionarily Higher than me. Science-worker “catches titmice” in the framework of the current nature. But it is necessary to create a “crane in the sky”, a different nature!

    Satanism is about turning into super-beasts. But this is what a minority wants. Religion is defined by mass character. Because all of humanity must be transformed into This. Therefore,” I have not brought peace, but a sword, ” said Christ.

    At the last stage of the evolution of the universe, water gave birth to a living cell and LIFE appeared, Now Something is being born inside humanity, or rather Someone (for this is the Highest) who will be SUPER-LIFE. Religion is the “womb” in which the embryo of this superlife develops.

    We can say that religion is the realization of super-completeness, which expresses the aspiration of humanity to the next stage of evolution.

    Spirit, the power of the spirit, spirituality, the spiritual world – this is what will be added at the next stage of evolution. And what is already being generated in our mercantile world. This is what religions do.

    Different religions perform this function in parts: Buddhism-deals with spirituality only in the inner world of a person, paganism-inside matter, the lowest level of spirituality, and so on.

  5. Hello. If we take for example Islam, Christianity and Judaism, we can say that all these religions are “from the same roots”.

    Judaism follows the Old Testament, which was the foundation of Christianity before the New Testament, and the Qur'an also mentions the events of both Testaments and begins with Adam and Eve.

    If we talk about national religions, such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc., then the differences can be very drastic, if only we do not take into account the “sects” arising from any such religion.

    Hinduism – polytheism and magic rites. Buddhism is more of a philosophical teaching, where everyone can become a ” Buddha “or”enlightened”. Confucianism is similar to Buddhism, but has less mysticism.

    But with all this diversity of religious movements, both philosophical and theological, most of them are united by the doctrine of love and goodness, the instruction to live according to conscience and not to commit bad deeds. I think I described the situation in some detail, but if you have any questions or can correct me , I will be happy to talk to you.

  6. All religions of the world are united by the slogan divide and conquer. Also fear and dictatorship. After all, religion is a human creation for the purpose of deifying the government and enriching the priests.
    For example, current and pre-revolutionary Orthodoxy.

  7. All religions of the world are united by the IDEA of EXCLUSIVITY of knowledge who and how to WORSHIP !
    It doesn't matter who religious people worship. We can even talk about atheists who worship unbelief . This is also a religion!
    The basic religious beliefs of most world religions are written down by people in sacred texts, which, according to believers, are either dictated or inspired directly by God or gods, or written by people who have reached the highest spiritual state from the point of view of each particular religion, great teachers, especially enlightened or initiated, saints, etc.
    This also applies to all religions, etc. Worship should have answers to whom, when, and how to worship. And from this moment, discrepancies and disagreements begin.
    But also all religions have knowledge about the supreme God, which, although everyone calls it differently, but about Which, if something terrible happens, atheists will also remember!
    So, if we generalize, religions are rules and order invented by man (written down as a rule in religious laws), which they attributed to their God in order to worship him , and they do this with fear of breaking something or not observing it .
    In contrast to religions, there is another concept – Faith ! And Faith is not an external manifestation of spirituality and self-righteousness, but an internal state of the soul, which is defined by one term – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

  8. It doesn't combine anything … All religions are different and all have their own goals … There is, however, an attempt at such an association called “Ecumenism”… But it's a waste of time…

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