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  1. Yes, my friend, don't take philosophy. Such humanities are only for themselves. Graduates of leading Western universities are jobless. And it is still important for them to work in their specialty, so they are struggling, interrupted by casual earnings. This is not only not in demand in terms of earnings, but alas, the intellectual product itself, which you can then create, is not in demand either. That is, no one (almost) wants to think about it. Here Shukshin philosophized in his stories, and it was in demand. And now where are these famous writers who are looking for the truth? Even in the literary form, this is not in demand.

    If you are friendly with mathematics, try to follow this path-technology, etc. It also trains the brain well. And optionally, you can write essays, etc.and even become famous in the future. In Russia, there has never been a professional philosophy (rare exceptions like Frank), usually in literary form, so you can do it without a professor. education, the main thing is to have your own thoughts, this is more important. At the Faculty of Philology, there will simply be a pump of information, and there may be an overload. There are rare people who can recycle all the human heritage and create an original one of their own on this basis. But it's a rare gift.. Usually people drown in this information and can lose their way.

    And to breed your own kind-to teach philosophy-isn't that humiliating?..

    As for the university, MSU has never been good in terms of philosophy. Very worthy people were expelled from there, for example, Lotman and many others. In general, the social sciences at Moscow State University are not up to par, for example, sociology. Boris Paramonov, one of my most respected thinkers, studied at St. Petersburg University, and there are other examples. But this is purely subjective. In general, studying philosophy in Russia is not the best option in terms of level.�

    If I had a choice, I would go to Berkeley, USA. The most interesting thing there is the interweaving of different social sciences, philosophy must necessarily be combined with something, with anthropology, physics, etc. The guys write books there, you can't even tell what kind of science it is, but very interesting ideas. For example, one guy left St. Petersburg in the early 90's, now a professor of philosophy at Berkeley, an anthropologist wrote a book about the late Soviet generation, which served as a bridge between the Soviet and modern periods, and I forgot his last name.

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