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  1. On this site was the Passion Monastery.

    Currently, the Pushkin monument stands on Pushkinskaya Square (which used to be called Strastnaya), with its back to the Rossiya cinema. Initially, in 1880, the monument was erected on the other side of Tverskaya Street, at the very beginning of Tverskoy Boulevard, and the face was turned to the Passion Monastery, whose buildings occupied the square of the same name.

    In Soviet times, the anti-religious museum was located in the premises of the Passion Monastery.

    By 1950, the monastery was demolished, and the Pushkin monument was moved to where it still stands today: on the site of the demolished bell tower of the monastery. The monument was also rotated 180 degrees, facing Tverskaya Street (then Gorky Street). And on the foundations of the monastery there is now a cinema, and a square with fountains is laid out.

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