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  1. There are 1000 barrels of wine in the cellar of the royal castle. During the night, the guards caught an intruder who, under torture, testified that he had poisoned wine in one of the barrels. But the killer, unable to withstand the torture, died before he could say in which one. One drop of poisoned wine is enough to kill a person, but the poison only works 30 days after ingestion, without causing any symptoms. In short, there is no way to recognize this poison in wine, except, perhaps, to drink it and wait for 30 days.

    After 31 days, the king holds a grand feast, and he will need a lot of wine, the more the better. There are 10 prisoners in the castle dungeon, and the king decided to test the wine on them. His first thought was to divide 1,000 barrels into 10 prisoners, give each one a drop from his 100 barrels, see who would die in 30 days, and throw out the 100 barrels he had drunk from. But 900 barrels for the feast is not enough, and the treasury has no funds for additional expenses. However, the king's jester claimed to know a way to identify poisoned wine to within one barrel, using only ten prisoners. What is this method?

  2. At the moment, the most difficult riddle for me is the so-called”Einstein riddle”, about five houses… A very interesting puzzle in my opinion. And by the way, not everyone is able to solve it! And it is generally given to units to decide in the mind! In general, I recommend it!

  3. I heard this old riddle a long time ago. Perhaps not the most difficult, but I really liked it, despite the religious background that is not very close to me:

    “Who does the shepherd often see,

    Rarely-the king

    and never God?”

  4. One person stands at a train station in Vilnius and looks at a map of Europe, after which he says: “Yes, but IT's much harder to DO THIS in Lithuanian.”What did I replace with DO THIS?

  5. 1







    Hint: Forget everything you know

    I found this riddle in the book “Ants” by Bernard Werber, I advise you to read it

  6. I've always liked this riddle. Simple, but the one who does not know the answer in advance-guesses not at once )
    “They don't eat it raw, but throw it away when it's cooked”

  7. One summer, John was running in the countryside, wearing only his usual running gear (shorts, vests, athletic shoes, and socks). After running around for some time, he saw that the lace of one sneaker was untied. While he was bending down to tie it up, a psychopath who was hiding nearby came up behind him and hit him on the head so that John lost consciousness.

    When John woke up, he found that he was in a perfectly perfect cylindrical room about 20 meters in diameter and 5 meters high. The walls, floor, and ceiling of the room were perfectly smooth and symmetrical, and there were no visible flaws, so it was impossible to distinguish any particular direction within the room.

    There was a cage inside the room. The cage was in the shape of a perfect cylinder about 2 meters in diameter and 2 meters in height.

    The cage is made of pure steel, with only a very small spherical light bulb attached exactly to the center of the cage's ceiling, and a door with no visible holes on one side. The light bulb is mounted on the roof, so that it rotates with the cage. It is impossible to see anything outside the cage when someone is inside and the door is closed (and vice versa)

    The cage is mounted on a circular platform of the same diameter as the cage. The platform can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise at the discretion of the psychopath, who uses the remote control to start and stop the rotation. The platform starts and stops rotating at a very slow rate of angular acceleration, so slow that anyone inside the cage can't even feel when the platform starts rotating and when it stops. Also, the maximum rotation speed is so slow that the person in the cage can't feel the centrifugal force, so they don't even have any idea how fast the cage is rotating.

    The psychopath challenged John to solve a problem. If he failed, he would die like so many others before him. However, if he succeeds, the psychopath's ego will be destroyed, John will be released, and the psychopath will turn himself in to the police.

    The task is as follows. Around the perimeter of the cage's encirclement, on the floor of the room about 10 meters from the center of the cylinder, there are eight glasses each topped with orange liquid. The glasses are placed in eight directions: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest. In one of the glasses of orange juice. The other seven glasses are filled with orange juice and a small amount of deadly poison mixed with the juice. It is impossible to distinguish their contents from each other without drinking. John is not allowed to approach the glasses to examine them before the test begins.

    The psychopath tells John that the poison-free glass is in a northerly direction and tells him where it is.

    The psychopath does not allow John to leave any marks or objects on the floor of the room that might indicate a direction.

    The psychopath then tells John to enter the cage and the psychopath closes and locks the door. The psychopath remotely turns on the weak light in the cage and gives John a couple of minutes to get used to the environment inside the cage. The psychopath then slowly starts rotating the cage for one minute, then slowly stops the rotation (which takes about one minute). The psychopath waits a couple more minutes, then opens the door and tells John to come out and choose a glass of eight and drink the contents.

    Before the psychopath opens the cage door, he has already changed his position in the room to make sure that John will be completely disoriented when he comes out of the cage and will not be able to understand from his position in the room which direction he will look.

    John stepped out of the cage, quickly selected a glass of juice, and drank it. The psychopath was amazed to see that John didn't drop dead, and he realized that John had chosen the right glass. He then told John to repeat the task many times until he was sure that John had chosen the right glass for the first time, not randomly at random.

    John was released and the psychopath went to jail for the rest of his life.

    How was John able to succeed in this task?

  8. A well-known riddle about the convict and the judge. The judge suggested to the person sentenced to 15 years: “Name three parts of a woman's body that are read backwards in the same way as usual. I'll take five years off for each one. ” He calls the first one an eye. “Okay, eye, minus five.” He calls another one-pup. ” There are still five left.” I couldn't name the third one – I served five years and returned home. At home, his wife meets him-just out of the shower, in only a towel – he looks her up and down and says: “Come on, ye-mae, that's why I had to serve five years!!” What did he see?

  9. I really like the riddle from ” What?Where?When?”: there is a beard, but he is not a grandfather, there is water, but he does not drink, there are eyes, but he does not see, there is meat, but he does not eat. What's it?

    1. We work at the same job, but we get different salaries.

    If I give you 50 rubles, we will receive the same amount. If you give me 50 rubles, I will get twice as much as you.

    How much do we get initially?


    1. The kitten has three, the dog has three, and the duck also has three. And the donkey has two.

    What is it about?

  10. Chess problems were always too much for me. This one is still not solved by me. The player took up the knight d5. Who moves and what move will they make? And the diagram: braingames.ru

  11. I was surprised that no one was baffled by the classic prison riddle about “chiseled peaks”. I heard it when I was a kid, and I only found out the answer last year =\

  12. The task is about a tunnel and a flashlight. At first glance, it does not seem so difficult, but very often the answer is not correct.

    Let's say there are four people who need to go through a tunnel, four of them have one flashlight, without which the tunnel can NOT pass, at a time the tunnel can pass no more than two people, each person passes the tunnel for a certain time-1, 2, 5 and 6 minutes, two pass the tunnel at the speed of the slowest of them. How long can it take for all four of them to reach the other side of the tunnel? (It is assumed that first two go to one side, then one returns for the next and so 5 passes, 3 in one direction and 2 in the other direction)

  13. As a child, my uncle asked a very difficult riddle, which I (for some reason) remembered. It sounds like this: what four men can do, but two women can't.

    Answer: take a piss in one bucket.

  14. Simple, but fun)

    There was a man in the car. He was alone. All the doors and windows in the car were locked, but suddenly a man is killed outside with a gun. The car is not damaged, how did this happen?)))

  15. This riddle was asked to us in a math class, as for me interesting)

    “how much will two and five cost?”

    • 40 rubles

    • and how much will �one and four cost?

    • 25 rubles

    • a purse will cost eight and two

    • 60 rubles.

    What do they buy here?

  16. Everything brilliant is simple, or whatever they say).There are two isolated rooms. In one there are 3 light bulbs, in the other-three switches. You are standing in a room with light switches and can only go to a room with light bulbs once. You need to determine which light bulb is turned on by which switch.

  17. A great riddle from Stephen King's The Dark Tower. What is more beautiful than all the gods and more disgusting than an old man's corn? The dead always eat it, but if the living eat it, they die slowly.

  18. Jealous husbands.

    In some book on sociology, I met such a problem. “Three jealous husbands, having come with their wives to the bank of the river, found a boat with it, which, because of its smallness, could not hold more than two people. Why is the question asked, how can these six people move across the river so that no wife with another man's husband moves and does not stay on any bank”

    And a similar one about a wolf, a goat, and cabbage.”A peasant needs to transport a wolf, goat and cabbage across the river. But the boat is such that only a peasant can fit in it, and with him either one wolf, or one goat, or one cabbage. But if you leave the wolf with the goat, the wolf will eat the goat, and if you leave the goat with the cabbage, the goat will eat the cabbage. How did the farmer transport his cargo?”

    They're not super-complicated, but I like them.

  19. A response from someone with a high passion for logic (and generally a hard-core humanist):

    For some reason, a riddle was left in my head, which was made to me and my classmates on a trip from a hike by our teacher. It is called “Albatross”: “A man goes to a restaurant, orders only one dish-albatross meat. As soon as he tries it, he gets up from the table, goes to the window and throws himself out. Why did he do it?”

    This puzzle is part of a series of riddles “from end to beginning” with questions leading to the solution, which can only be answered with “yes and “no” (an example is the well-known children's riddle about a naked man in the middle of the desert with a match in his hand). Since childhood, I love such riddles “with a story”, although this is no longer logic, but the development of the perception of chances and probabilities, and it was difficult in childhood, but it took me more than one day to solve it, like my friends at that time.

  20. My favorite, made a wish like on What?Where?When? It's simple enough, but I love it. I may be wrong in the wording. Nikolai cuts wood, Yevgenia works in the registry office, and what does Antonina do?

  21. A merchant was on the train, eating a pickle,eating half of it,but where did the other half go? You can make it only in oral form, because when you pronounce it, you can hear “ate cucumber with Alyona”. The answer, of course: I gave it to Alyona.

  22. On the table, cards with values from 1 to 6 are turned over. You and your opponent take one card each, the remaining cards are turned over, and you do not see their values. You can switch cards. The winner is the one with the higher card value. You have 2. Your opponent offers to switch, will you agree?

    You have 2 ropes burning for 1 hour, but not evenly (for example, it may be that one half of the rope burns for 1 minute, and the other half burns for 59 minutes). It is not known whether the burning unevenness of the ud of both ropes is the same. How do I use them to measure out 45 minutes?

  23. The task is not difficult, but it baffles many people:

    There are two cups, one with coffee, the other with milk. From a cup of coffee, one teaspoon of coffee was poured into a cup of milk and stirred. After that, one teaspoon was poured from a cup of milk into a cup of coffee. Question: which is more in the end – coffee in a cup with milk or milk in a cup with coffee?

  24. In the early 1990s, my father brought back from a trip to America the Alcatraz puzzle-a ball trapped in a cage formed by two plates (floor and ceiling) and rods between them. The task was to get the ball out of the prison. There was a short instruction with the manufacturer's address attached — those who failed to crack the cage could send a couple of dollars to this address and get a clue in return. Of course, we lost the piece of paper, and besides, we didn't really believe in the Russian post, but we strongly believed in ourselves. For about twenty years, our family members have made periodic attempts to break in. There was even a working version, but it didn't work. Sometimes we regretted the lost piece of paper. A couple of years ago, I suddenly realized that these days the secret is easy to find on the Internet. And I wasn't wrong. Our working version was absolutely correct. We just got a defective puzzle, it doesn't open in principle.

  25. There are 3 gods in front of you. One of them always tells only the truth, the other-always only lies, and the third gives an absolutely random answer to any question using the “ott baldy” algorithm.

    They are too lazy to tell you anything , so they can only answer ” yes ” and “no”

    They understand Russian , but they don't like it , so they will answer your questions in their own language , instead of “yes” and “no” they will say “nya” and “mi” and you don't know which of these words means “yes” and which means “no”.

    You can only ask 3 questions , and each question is addressed only to one god, and not to all of them at once.

    Task – you must use these 3 questions to determine which of these gods is honest , which is a liar, and which gives random answers.

  26. You have a 10×10 square of cells. Fill it with numbers from one to one hundred, moving to each next knight move.

    I wanted to attach a picture for clarity, I typed in Yandex “fill in the square with the knight's move” and was a little taken aback by what an ancient and diverse task it turns out to be. I recommend it to you too. Just don't peek at the sequences, break your brain yourself.

  27. A and B were sitting on the pipe, And it fell, B was lost, what was left on the pipe?

    When I was 5 years old, I already learned to read and knew the spelling rules better than my older brother, just to solve this problem. After psychonul and agreed that the letter remained AND. Because on the pipe sat 3 letters. Since then, I was the smartest nerd in the elementary classes, but I'm still terribly infuriated by the tasks, as they say, “experts”, on the intellect. But about the fact that 3 letters were sitting on the pipe, I still do not agree. I agree only for the sake of not quarreling

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