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  1. In philosophy, there were many discoveries, including those that changed the fate of humanity and determined its current face. For example, philosophers discovered modern science and all its methods (there are many names, but the most notable are Francis Bacon and John Stuart Mill). Philosophers discovered logic with all its principles. Philosophers discovered human rights. Philosophers discovered the concept of personality. And a lot more.

  2. It would not be correct to speak of “discoveries” in philosophy. Discoveries suggest that something was always there, but remained unknown until someone “discovered”it. There is no reason to believe that this or that philosophical concept was “always”, although such a point of view may be acceptable.

    There are philosophical concepts that have had a global impact on culture, and it will be easier to list the main names here:

    Socrates/Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Husserl, Sartre, Wittgenstein, Popper, Foucault. The list is far from complete, these are only those who, well, absolutely could not be ignored.

  3. The universe is a system of relationships

    Georgy Petrov 2

    Everything will be as it should be,
    even if it is the other way around.

    According to modern views, MEANING is a certain primordial essence, which can be considered as a further development of Plato's basic thesis about the primordial existence of ideas. It would seem obvious that a person gives meaning to everything, but the semantic side of information lies outside of a person, although it is completely anthropic.

    Meaning can hardly be an original entity, detached from a person and at the same time belonging only to him; behind it, as the conceptual side of information, something else is guessed, something that is one in its diversity and diverse in its unity.

    If we consider the various levels of organization of objects of the material world, from subatomic to galactic, then all of them correspond to a certain generalized model: all levels are organized on the basis of their constituent elements specific to each of their interactions.

    However, this model seems too simple if the elements of each level are considered only material formations, and the interaction is reduced only to the physical.

    The model is significantly enriched if we proceed to its broad interpretation, i.e. if we allow not only material, but also non-material objects as elements, and replace interactions with the generalizing concept of “RELATIONS”, in which the impact or interaction is included as a special case.

    The universe (World) is a general information system for all relations, including the relationship: Creator — creation. No, and there can't be a relationship without who (what) belongs and to whom (what) belongs.

    Relation is the most abstract concept and represents the coexistence of systems or individual subjects (however, a subject can also realize itself only as a system), for which the elements of internal and external relations are connected with each other within a certain system.

    If elements that are in an external relationship begin to interact, then they form a system and are transformed into internal relationships. Internal and external relations of an integral system directly determine its structure and state. Changing the internal relations of the system leads to a change in the system itself and affects the external relations in which it is located.

    Psychic reflection is a special type of relationship between the ideal (primary) and the material (secondary). Mental relations are models (schemas, images, matrices) of relations between objective and subjective reality (including the attitude of the cognizing and changing subject to it).

    Relationships that define the internal self-determination of subjects ' behavior, combine them into a system and determine its level of development.

    Specific signals, which are a means of control, affect the system in accordance with the “model” of the required future. At the same time, the control system has at its disposal a standard of such a future, and the control signal carries information about this standard.

    The information process itself is the essence of receiving, processing, storing and transmitting information, while information is considered not by itself (in isolation), but in the system of relations in which it functions.

    If a system consisting of body, soul and spirit and having the self-determination “MAN” is guided in its life and behavior by the laws of Eternal Life, the essence of which is FAITH in the Word of God (Truth=God is Love) and love for God-Christ Jesus, Who Embodies the Truth in life, then there is an awareness of belonging to the Kingdom of God.

    This is the Birth from the Spirit of the Holy Spirit of man. At the same time, the Holy Spirit is a “control signal” that, due to a higher rate of change in its own state and the ability to produce large changes in controlled systems with low energy, transfers them to a new level of relations.

    As part of the information system, through faith in the Word of God, love for God and neighbor, compassion and self — purification, a person builds a Temple of Truth in himself and forms a new type of immune system on all levels of consciousness, aimed at preserving the true “I” – the soul that lives by the Word of God.

    So-called “illogical” behavior: empathy, kindness, pity, humility, leads to an understanding of God's plan and life as the Embodiment of Truth, CO-creation, CO-participation in the existence of God.

    Man is a piece-by-piece creature. All that is good in us is from God, and all that is bad is from ourselves. Everything I say is my understanding of the truth, not the Truth itself. Please keep this in mind.

    I want to love the Truth in myself, not myself in God. I (person) — form, the Word of God-content.

    To the words of Socrates: man, know yourself, it is necessary to add: create yourself as God needs you (realize yourself in Christ).

    God creates a person to see himself from the outside (Masha K. 8 years old).

  4. Methods of scientific rationality: thanks to them, the scientific and technological revolution began and still continues. Calculating these methods required very long intellectual work.

  5. I don't want my words to sound offensive to philosophers. But the truth is more expensive.

    Philosophy, “since Ancient Times” for humanity not only did not open anything,but also caused damage comparable to losses, simultaneously with major world and local wars.

    All wars in humanity, without exception, are mediocre activities of representatives of science-philosophy.

    Philosophers bluff a lot and present their bluff ideas as achievements of “Philosophical Logical Thought”

    If I am asked what rating I can give to the whole philosophy,for its works-I answer-A Deuce.

  6. In the history known to us, there were no global philosophical discoveries, but in the 21st century, humanity was given a global philosophy by a Ukrainian philosopherAbsolute Reality and the resulting philosophyReason, andThe Adamic philosophy. So if anyone is worthy, he will find, understand and comprehend.

  7. Each time chooses its own Teaching . By this time, all the old Teachings are completely perverted . Humanity itself is trying to accept the most absurd denigrations of the veneration of the fathers . But each phase of the Exercise does not exclude the previous one . Little attention is paid to this fact, and the ministers of each Teaching base their well-being on the denial of previous Teachings . “The Secret Doctrine” by E. P.Blavatsky proves the continuity of what people call religion . In this continuity, one feels the same flow of energy . Calling it the psychic energy of ” Agni Yoga or Living Ethics “, we speak of the same Sophia of the Hellenic world or Sarasvati of the Hindus . The Holy Spirit of Christians shows the same signs as the creative Adonai of Israel and Mithras, full of Solar power, the Fire of Zoroaster is the Fire of Space . The greatest recent “Agni Yoga or Living Ethics” by E. I. Roerich, for the first time in Russian, a guide to humanity for the next millennia, is nothing more than revealing the modern use of energy , the flow of which is approaching with the Satia Yuga . Teaching is not given for money , it is not imposed – it marks a New Era . And rejection or denial is your business , but the notification is inevitable .

  8. There were no actual philosophical discoveries. Philosophy is not a science in the strict sense of the word, it does not prove, it assumes. But a lot of assumptions were brilliant. And then the rudiments of the sciences were budded from philosophy, which were engaged in proofs and discoveries. A great example is Euclid, who, although he was somewhat of a philosopher, is best known for creating geometry. Or Archimedes-mathematician, physicist, inventor. It is no longer possible to call him a philosopher, he is a scientist. That is, in short: philosophy itself does not make discoveries, but sciences that have made and are making discoveries have sprung from it.

  9. In the history of mankind, the most global discoveries were discovered in the sixth century BC. At this time, the sages of the East gave an answer about what the universe is, what it consists of, and the role of man in this World. They explained what the universe and Man are made of, and how they correspond to each other in this world!!! “…The source of life, birth, and change is CHI. Everything in heaven and on Earth is subject to this law. On the periphery, QI encompasses the universe, within QI, it gives rise to everything.” Nei Tsain. With respect.

  10. Philosophy as a state of mind.All that science has achieved so far, the philosophers and sages knew thousands of years ago.More than six thousand years ago, Socrates said:”I know I don't know anything.But others don't know that either.”Who can explain what he meant?Others will strain? THEOLOGY and PHILOSOPHY are the centers of scientific knowledge on Earth. And don't know it!!! Are these discoveries not enough in the history of mankind?!!! With respect.

  11. There are no discoveries in philosophy.

    Discoveries are made in science, but philosophy is not a science, because it does not use the scientific method.

    Philosophy is the section of culture that is closest to fiction.

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