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  1. At some point, it is necessary to define the line between a ” white-skinned “and not quite” white-skinned ” rapper, and do it as tolerantly as possible.

    It is worth noting that finding a pure white rapper is not an easy task, the question sounds a little absurd to me, what does “white — skinned” mean? Isn't it black? Are Latinos “white-skinned” or not? Difficult.

    This is the top twenty that randomly came to my mind, sorted by the level of fame (by eye), if you add here people who look like” non-white ” a little more, the figure will easily grow to 70+. �

    Times have changed, there are enough” snowballs ” in rap now, both among performers and producers (beatmakers).

    ● Eminem
    ● Post Malone (?)
    ● 6ix9ine (?)
    ● Bhad Bhabie (sorry)
    ● Logic
    ● G-Eazy
    ● MGK
    ● Lil Xan
    ● Macklemore
    ● Mac Miller (Rest In Peace)
    ● Lil Peep (Rest In Peace)
    ● Ghostemane
    ● Pouya
    ● Rich Brian
    ● Ruby Da Cherry & Scrim (Suicide Boys)
    ● Joji
    ● Fat Joe
    ● Yung Lean
    ● Matt OX
    ● Icy Narco
    ● Brennan Savage
    ● Paris
    ● Skinnyfromthe9
    ● Nok From The Future

  2. Logic, Suicideboys, Lil Peep, Ghostemane, Pouya, Necro, Post Malone, Bones, Yung Lean, Paul Wall, Rittz the rapper, Slug Christ, Caskey, etc.

    That's the first thing that came to mind. If you dig into the underground, you can find a dozen more names.

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