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  1. The future will be sparsely populated, but bright. Those who do not perish in the proposed “happiness”, which satisfies any needs in virtual reality through neurophysiological technologies, will not stop creating, loving and protecting the remaining light and peace in the present.

  2. The future of humanity is certain in advance. When one south replaces another. This is what Srimad Bhagavatam says. Puranas about what will happen at the end of the age.

    The Vedic literature (Bhagavad-gita, 2.7.38) describes the world as it will become at the very end of Kali-yuga, when spiritual knowledge is completely lost. People will not talk about God, and there will be nothing left of the true spiritual method. Government levers of control will be concentrated in the hands of low-born, uneducated atheists.

    The Vayu Purana (97.116–124) says that people will become irrational, evil, and deluded. They will only produce destruction, fight and kill each other. They will be constantly in despair and will not trust anyone. The human community will cease to exist, people will leave cities and villages and settle in forests, on the banks of rivers and in the mountains. Dharma (religious and pious activities) will be completely lost. People will grow short, like dwarfs, and their lives will be very short. They will eat roots, leaves, and fruits, and their clothing will be leaves, tree bark, and hides. They will have no means of subsistence, and all sorts of misfortunes will constantly haunt them. They will experience all kinds of suffering. In Kali yuga, just a rich person will be considered an aristocrat with impeccable manners and exalted qualities. The norms of law and justice in relations between people will be established by those who are stronger.
    Men and women in this age will cohabit only because of a momentary attraction, and success in business will depend entirely on the ability to deceive. Femininity or masculinity will be judged by how well a person succeeds in sex, and priests will be recognized as those who simply wear the appropriate sign on their neck. All bodies will be greatly reduced in size and the religious principles of the followers of varnasrama will be completely destroyed. People will completely forget the path taken by the Vedas, and the so-called religions will be mostly atheistic. Almost all kings will turn into thieves, and the main occupations of people will be theft, deception and senseless violence. All classes of society will descend to the lowest level of sudras (laborers). Cows will become like goats, and ashrams and temples will not differ in any way from ordinary residential buildings. Family ties will not extend beyond the relationship between husband and wife. Most plants and grasses will become very tiny, and the trees will become completely dwarfed. Lightning will flash incessantly in the clouds, and people will be no better than donkeys in their qualities. Uncultured people will collect alms in the name of God and earn a living simply by dressing up as monks and playing ostentatious renunciation. People who have no idea about religion will dare to talk from high platforms about the principles of religion and God. In Kali yuga, people will hate each other just for a few coins. Having discarded friendly relationships with others as unnecessary, they will be ready to part with their lives without hesitation and even kill their own relatives.
    People will stop protecting their elderly parents, children
    and decent wives. Nothing will concern them but the satisfaction of their own stomachs and genitals. Only when the age of Kali ends and Satya or Krita yuga begins again will everything return to its original natural order.

  3. Let's take it in order:

    1) A person will connect his life with artificial intelligence and become a robot

    People will certainly create artificial intelligence to help themselves and make it more and more perfect, as well as use robots, and a variety of them. But that doesn't make him a robot. Just the opposite may happen: some people will be able to spend their free time on creativity and romance, on travel, and on scientific research… Others are degraded by the fact that they will not have to work to live, and they will not be able to occupy themselves.

    2) A person will develop a cure for immortality and will live forever;

    Hardly. I mean, there'll probably be a cure. True, not from immortality – this would be somehow stupid, given that we are not immortal anyway, but rather to prolong life and youth. Hardly indefinitely. But a person will not live forever. I'm not even talking about the global physical problems associated with the need not only for survival, but also for evolution. Simply, as the classic said, a person is mortal and sometimes suddenly mortal. People, if they stop dying of old age, for example, will die of hunger or from wars or from something else.

    3) A person will create incubators (artificial uterus), as a result, the participation of women in carrying and giving birth to children will become optional;

    This is possible, as well as the fact that children in general will be constructed from genes artificially, and not obtained as a result of natural fertilization. In this sense, a lot can happen. For example, a heterosexual relationship may no longer be necessary to prolong life… with all the consequences…

    4) A person will connect his life with extraterrestrials and there will be much open for him in our galaxy;

    To begin with, it would be nice to understand whether there are even those same aliens in nature and, if so, how they are configured in relation to us. It is not obvious that they exist at all, and even more so that they will be friendly to us, not hostile. Many scientists believe the latter is more likely.

    5) A person will learn to move to parallel worlds and universes;

    At the moment, this seems absolutely improbable. Well, who knows what science will reach…

    6) The world will belong to feminists;

    Why feminists? Or maybe, just the opposite, the feminists will get everyone so bad that a rigid patriarchy is formed as a reaction? In general, I personally find this position rather dubious. Rather, the roles of the sexes in life will continue to align in all areas.

    7) The world will belong to ” gay ” and other LGBT people;

    Well, only if the minorities make some kind of global sabotage and destroy the normal natural mechanism. Under normal conditions, representatives of non-traditional orientation are born only a couple of percent of the total mass of people. I do not know what needs to happen for this couple of percent to enslave everyone else. Rather, the world will be more tolerant of people's personal lives and generally stop dividing them into minorities and majorities. This has happened before. For example, the ancient Greeks did not divide people on the basis of hetero or homo, but only on their role: active or passive.

    8) It will be a world in which only women will live, as men will die out due to the degradation of the Y chromosome. Females will reproduce by parthenogenesis;

    This, oddly enough, is not excluded. But, I think, humanity is unlikely to allow a decrease in its diversity. I'm personally wary of something else: as if the third and fourth, etc.floor did not appear…

    9) Humanity will die out for certain reasons (only for what reasons?);

    Oh, here's where the flight of fancy can be very big: humanity can become extinct from anything. From a global war or epidemic, from the fall of a large meteorite, from a natural or cosmic catastrophe of a global scale, from overpopulation and hunger, from climate change, from what itself creates something that will kill it (uncontrolled robots, out-of-control evolutionary mechanisms, too much dependence on computers and their subsequent destruction, for example, by a solar flare, etc.). In short, there are no more ways to die than there are ways to survive. And, nevertheless, let's hope that humanity still has enough brains not to die out at least in the near future.

  4. Creator's Words:

    The world that appears before you is one Whole (or God), consists of a set of energy particles, and this “Heavenly Constructor” is eternal, because it is the invention of the First Creator Himself, who first of all composed Himself from the energy particles of Eternity!


    The Great Cosmos is a multi-level, universal, Intelligent, strictly harmonized Space (Whole), consisting of parts. It is constantly developing by improving its parts and simultaneously managing their improvement. The evolution of the Mind Space follows Uniform laws (Canons of Eternity), ranging from the microcosm to vast universes. Conventionally, we can describe a single evolutionary chain as follows: atom-molecule-cell-human-humanity-planet-Universe-Higher Cosmic Intelligence. Humanity, trying to live according to its own fictional laws without taking into account the Canons of Eternity, has violated this Harmony of Eternity. Now the energy balance of forces on the planet is disturbed in the direction of negative forces, which threatens humanity with self-destruction. To prevent this from happening, the Supreme Cosmic Mind (God) began to give Knowledge in 2004 through a person chosen by It from Russia, a physicist, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Maslov L. I. By accepting this Knowledge about the Structure of the Universe, the Canons by which It develops, about man, his place in the Space of Reason and the tasks assigned to him, the people of Russia can correct the energy imbalance and save humanity.

    Now Russia is at a crossroads. The people of Russia (Holy Russia), like all mankind, have sunk to the very bottom of their moral decline and do not see a way out of this impasse. But there is a way out! The word ” God ” included in the Constitution of the Russian Federation (Article 67.1, where paragraph 2 states that the state recognizes faith in God) is the outstretched Hand of God, the Helping Hand, the Hand of Salvation for Russia and Humanity. And Russians should accept and realize that Russia is in the Space of God, under His control, and only God's help will allow It to be saved, for which it is necessary to unite Spiritually around the Creator, his Knowledge. And as soon as the people of Russia realize this, accept the One God in their hearts, and unite in a Single Message of Love, the Space will instantly change. This requires 2 percent of the Russian population, that is, about 3 million people who have recognized themselves as parts of the Whole. And then people's minds will change, and people's hearts will open up to meet the Creator's Love, to meet each other. This will be the beginning of a New Future, the Future that humanity has always dreamed of, which will be built according to the Same Canons of Eternity. And the main reference point of human PROVIDENCE in the CREATION of a Higher-order Space is the Commandments given by the Creator to the Person of the Future (“THE CREATOR'S DOCTRINE” p. 174). They are the “rules of behavior” of the human God of the Sixth Race in the new energy conditions. Taking them as a basis, Holy Russia will fulfill its Great Mission as the Savior of the World, entrusted to It by the Creator. And this will be the beginning of the Golden Age of Russia.


    This process is already underway, and it is irreversible, because it is led by the Creator himself! Every day, three times a day, thousands of people create a Message of Love and Spiritual Unity, forming a Space of Love and Harmony. Proof of the effectiveness of this Message is the change in the structure of people's blood for the better, regardless of distance, this is proved by experiments of Russian scientists and confirmed by their foreign colleagues. Thus, the beneficial influence of the Message spreads throughout the Planet, forming a Space of Love and Harmony, which gradually expands and non-violently affects people's Consciousness, their health, forcing them to wake up from Spiritual hibernation!



    At the border of Epochs, it is important to understand the significance of this Divine technology-a message of Love and Spiritual Unity. And the participation of 3 million loving Hearts in this Single Message will create the Space of Holy Russia! LET'S CREATE OUR FUTURE TOGETHER! JOIN US, FRIENDS!

    Creator's Words:

    God only needs 2 percent!

    To transform this World!

    Rus is in the Spirit of cement,

    Russia will be a landmark for humanity!


    There is nothing, I repeat, random-QUATRAINS OF THE CREATOR


    Message of Love and Spiritual Unity – QUATRAINS OF THE CREATOR


  5. Almighty God promises that humanity will have a wonderful future ! The whole earth will become a wonderful place where people will live forever in harmony with each other and work for pleasure. The new human society will not be divided along national or ethnic lines. All the inhabitants of the earth will love God and each other, and they will fulfill together the task of God-to take care of their common home, the planet Earth. “The righteous will inherit the earth and live in it forever.”(The Bible, Psalm 36, verse 29)

  6. It is impossible to say exactly what the future of humanity will be, because predicting the future may not be accurate and/or may never happen at all. There are many unresolved problems in the modern world: overpopulation and depopulation, illiteracy and poverty; lack of access to clean water and depletion of other natural resources; military conflicts and terrorism, discrimination based on appearance, race and other individual characteristics; destruction of plants and animals (loss of diversity); social inequality and this is not a complete list, it can go on.

    If humanity unites and becomes the guardian of the Earth, then the future will be relatively normal.

  7. Based on the current multiplication trend, the world will very soon be crowded with people (beggars), as a result of which there will be a split, and cities will be created according to the tiered principle (above, the rich in sky-high skyscrapers with roof gardens, etc.)

    Down below, everyone else is covered in dirt and disease.

    In everything else, almost all of the above points will probably be present, starting from cybernetics and various technologies (including virtual worlds and some semblance of longevity) and ending with incubators, LGBT rights, etc..

    But as now, according to the residual principle-all the best is for the rich, everything else is outdated – for the poor.

    This will continue for quite a long time.

    Everything will change dramatically on a global scale if other extraterrestrial civilizations come into contact with people.

    Then, perhaps, life will become more prosperous (for all people).

  8. Imagine that you are walking along a dark alley in the evening. Although the sun has long since set, you do not worry, because in your hands you have a powerful lantern. If you shine the light at your feet, you will clearly see what is in front of you. And if you point the lantern straight, it will illuminate the road far ahead.

    The Bible can be compared to such a lantern . It allows us to see clearly far ahead: the future that God has prepared for us. The Bible helps us to see the road that leads to eternal happiness, and to stick to this path.

    God promises to turn our earth into a paradise. Isaiah 65: 21-25: “And they will build houses and dwell in them, and plant vineyards and eat their fruit. They will not build for another to live , they will not plant for another to eat. … They will not labor in vain, nor bear children in the mountain, for they will be a blessed seed from the Lord, and their descendants with them.”Such hope is not just a beautiful dream . God is determined to carry out his plan .

  9. My version of the future of humanity. People will easily change the form of their existence. Therefore, they will quickly master the universe. The physical body that exists now will not be decisive. Bodies can be created as needed and under the conditions of life on different planets. For example, for life on Mercury and Jupiter, different bodies will be created to populate them with the souls of people. The soul is eternal, bodies are temporary.

  10. The cover for the subject of the question is a picture, a poster for the film “Land of the Future” I found out there won Clooney is visible!)))))))))))))))))))) And the future of humanity will be like this, fuck knows what))))))))) Why? Because now the percentage of crap in the world is off the scale and forecasts and analysis no longer work!

  11. No matter how gloomy the forecasts are, I would like to see it peaceful and happy. It is safe to say that it is impossible for any person to know this. But this is exactly what the One Who created man and settled him on Earth knows.
    �Even at the very beginning, I tell you about what will happen at the end, From ancient times-about what has not happened yet. I say, ” My plan will be fulfilled, and I will do whatever I please.” (Isaiah 46: 10)
    This question is quite voluminous.
    For example, from the same source, you can understand that our world will not end, but evil will end.
    No one on Earth will ever get sick, grow old, or die again. There will be plenty of food, your own shelter, peace, harmony, and security.

  12. Love is the future of humanity, love patience and respect these three things can save the world, I personally believe in it with all my heart, because there is nothing else to believe in this world!

  13. a strange set, because the path has long been known. The development of NTP will lead to the emergence of a completely artificial habitat, totally controlled by humans.

    An essential part of it will be the virtual environment, and it will generally have perfect control and order. Any offenses will disappear, no one will be interested in feminism and LGBT people, because in your personal life you can do anything, and it will be impossible to influence others. Viewers will not want to watch a virtual LGBT parade, well, they will stupidly switch the “surrounding space” to the Imperial March for example ))

    What thread of video-lenses in the eyes, or what thread of camera-sarcophagi as in the movie “The Matrix”, is not important – the main thing is that freedom will become absolute and at the same time not important to anyone, no one's rights and interests are affected.

    Incubators for the birth of children will almost certainly be invented, but they still need real embryos.

    Professions will be reduced to pure creativity, games-humor-movies-books – music-science-entrepreneurship.

    Wage labor will disappear, everyone will be “their own director”, but at the same time they will try to unite in communities “by interests”.

    The production of goods will become useless to anyone, it will be a State Function, a state service. Society, through state structures, will give all citizens (and then all inhabitants of the Earth) the opportunity to receive a basic level of goods-clothing, food, housing, a computer – and access to virtual reality.

    Family and sex will be just for fun and happiness, Domineering and Rich old men will not be needed by anyone, well, except for the most frostbitten ladies. There will be no sense in the Power Hierarchy, all Stalinism, Hitlerism and other Leadership – Imperialism will disappear. The possibility of oligarchy and corruption both in the USSR and in the Russian Federation will also disappear, because all movements of goods-money-services will be transparent and controlled. And there will be nothing so “super-elite-status”, the competition will be reduced not to a race for material goods, but to a competition for the WORKING TIME of Super-computers, for Important Scientific Papers ))

    Those who make the greatest contribution to the public product, create interesting ideas and mental services, are given even more resources.))

    All kinds of Leadership, Redistribution, and Ideology will die.

    This will be COMMUNISM, of course, with a capitalist face. After all, the common means of production and the general availability of goods does not mean that you can socialize the heads of Smart People and destroy Monetary Rewards ))

    I forgot-stupid people will have a hard time, perhaps there will be a stratification of the most terrible type, not by social or financial status. And just Smart Independent Individuals with Critical Thinking will no longer be able to communicate and create families with Stupid Zombies Subject to external ideological and religious influence… These two homo-Sapiens species will not be able to interbreed… Well, natural selection is eternal and unstoppable.

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