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  1. In fact, the question is quite important, many people think about this and are in a “suspended” state, which encourages the development of stress, depression, feelings of uselessness and the fact that your life is “passing by”. The dilemma about whether to drop out of school is really difficult to solve for yourself, sometimes because of your own doubts, often because of the pressure primarily from parents, relatives, and the whole society, where there are well-established beliefs in the spirit that higher education is a measure of intelligence, development, and everything else, but now, by the way, people are gradually moving away from this. Everyone can give advice, but a person will have to figure it out for himself, how to explain everything to his parents? It is good if they are understanding people and will support their child on his way, no matter what path he chooses, but this does not always happen, many families are very conservative in their views on such things. The only thing I can say is that it's up to you, it's still your life, and your parents will eventually come to terms with your choice and support you in the end, the main thing is that this choice is really right for you. I had a moment when I wanted to quit my studies at med and go to study chemistry, because I have always been drawn to this path and all the big science in General, since my childhood I dreamed to become a scientist, to carry out various experiments to be part of something important, but then �I just redefined the view of this problem and thought I could still do it, I was lucky I found what I liked in medicine, several areas of science that I want in the future to understand and improve, and with that discovery came to me harmony, I understand what I'm doing and why.�
    Harmony in life is very important, especially if you judge it from the point of view of the same medicine, and the consequences of a disharmonious lifestyle, first of all with yourself, it weighs a person down, he has thoughts that really prevent him from living in general, socializing, enjoying life, so I think that you need to seriously reflect on this, list all the pros and cons, discuss it with someone you trust well, and finally make a decision.
    I may be judging to some extent as an interested person, but I think that if you like animals, then you can consider studying to be a veterinarian, this is an excellent specialty, it is very important and brings a lot of good things to this “brave new world”. There are a huge number of development options in this area, you can later go to surgery, or just be a “general practice” veterinarian, in any case, you will have a lot of work with a variety of animals, you can even do science in this field, lots of scientific circles, conferences, etc., you can learn a lot of new things, and no one forbade you to work part-time in the same zoo, especially if you are a veterinarian, then such a person will be taken with joy.

  2. Someone has already answered that before you drop out of university, you need to decide what and how you will do next. First, find out if you will be hired at the same zoo, nursery, or somewhere else. There is also an option not to drop out of school immediately, but to get a job in one of the above places. If you understand that the money you earn is enough for you and there is a prospect of career growth, then you can already think about leaving the university. You can live without education, but only if you are purposeful, ambitious and other wonderful epithets. Education gives you such a peculiar foundation.

    In general, the point is: do not jump right off the bat, first prepare a pillow for yourself.

  3. If you want to work with animals and don't want to go to uni . It's boring to go to pairs , too lazy to do homework . You can live. Work at the zoo!

  4. We don't always do just what we like – what do we need to pay money for at work if we only have fun here all the time? Go up to your dad and say ,” I'm bored going to university for classes.” To which he will quite logically answer “Yes, very few people care if you are bored there or not, go and learn, run” . You can say:”I want to shine a light on working with animals”, to which your father (if you're lucky) he can go to a meeting with you and look for some options, for example: transfer to a veterinary university.

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