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  1. The British newspaper ” Sun ” claims:

    1. The height of a person of the future will be from 1.83 to 2.13 meters. Reason: Improved nutrition and medicine;

    1. The intestines will be shorter and absorb less fat and sucrose, which will be a natural defense against weight gain.�

    2. Reduce the size of the mouth and the number of teeth. Reason:мягкая soft food requires less chewing.

    4. The sex glands of the strong half of humanity will shrink (!)

    1. In our descendants, the hands and fingers will “dramatically lengthen”;

    2. Eyes will increase,� ” communication will be based on facial expressions and eye movements.”

    3. The volume of the human brain will shrink. The reason: most of the work of memorizing and thinking will be done by computers;

    4. A person's skin color may become darker. The reason: moving more people around the world and mixing races;

    5. People will become more cheeky. The reason: We will consume more calories than we spend;

    6. The hair will almost disappear (the most likely forecast).�

    But this is only an approximate trend, the paths of evolution are inscrutable.�

    A source:

    In a thousand years, as a result of evolution, the structure of the human body will change significantly, and its appearance will be noticeably different from our contemporaries. Such assumptions were put forward by experts in anatomy. Based on their predictions, an image of distant descendants of Homo sapiens was compiled.

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