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  1. The way iPhones were before the 4S model. It was unveiled the day before Jobs died. In general, it seems that he left the company with a strategy and instructions for years to come.

  2. Let's start, perhaps, with iOS. Steve Jobs strongly adhered to “skeuomorphism”, so iOS would have remained with the old design.

    iPhone. No large diagonals. 3.5 only! Hardcore only!

    Steve thought this diagonal was perfect.

    Since Steve Jobs passed away, Apple admitted that customers actually wanted big screens, so now we have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones…

    iPad. Only size 9.7 inches. He considered diagonals smaller than this size “inconvenient”, so the iPad mini is dismissed.

    Two years ago, Apple's then-chief executive told financial analysts why the 'avalanche' of 7in tablets would fail. How do his reasons look now? By Charles Arthur

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