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  1. Guaranteed death occurs when a bullet hits the brain stem or thalamus; hitting some other parts of the brain also causes damage to brain functions, resulting in death, but the hit must be accurate. Of course, in most cases, people die from brain damage, but there are not so few cases when people survived, and they survived not only after being hit by a bullet or a small piece of shrapnel, but even after being hit by a crowbar in the head. �However, they could not always be called people later.
    Most often, a bullet goes deep or through, damaging several parts of the brain, but passing tangentially or shallowly (a bullet on the way out) may not lead to death. Sometimes after an injury, people, or rather their organs, lose some of their functions, but the brain has flexibility and redistributes functionality to other intact parts. That is why people who have experienced a stroke often recover over time, and slow changes in the brain, for example, due to a tumor, pass unnoticed.

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