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  1. We would all see the caption “The program performed an invalid operation and will be closed”.

    And that would be the last thing we'd see )

    And Hollywood would lose not only the opportunity for sequels, but also 7 billion moviegoers at once…)

  2. There can be no such path. The choice between pills is an allusion to the choice between truth and falsehood, truth and delusion. Either you act or you don't. There can be no half measures. Like these two actions at the same time.

  3. If we agree that these pills are really a “hack” to change reality and get out of the Matrix – or return to normal life – then I would like to read the Matrix code. The fact is that this case works differently in different algorithms. I do not know how the artificial intelligence wrote the code, but I can assume that the body is awakened by something like a DDOS attack on it, and the start of this procedure no longer allows other procedures to have a significant impact on the body. That is, in other words, it doesn't matter what happens inside the Matrix, if Neo comes out of it – the second pill-the procedure is performed correctly, but nothing happens, because the connection between the Matrix and Neo is already broken.

  4. BSOD and reboot, whatever. In general, it is interesting that in 2019 someone else is concerned about such archaic topics. Well, Neo, well, the Matrix, then something. Keanu Reeves himself played up to mice in the series “John Wick” – “Matrix” for the poor.

  5. An ordinary person who has dreams. In one dream, he would be a programmer, in another, a rebel. If he woke up in one dream, he would think of another life as a dream.

  6. It seems to me that Neo had no choice from the very beginning , since he was the chosen one. �Therefore, the choice here is conditional. Rather, Morpheus was testing him: whether he wanted to accept the truth himself,or whether he would have to force it. And if I'd eaten two pills, I'd have grabbed a mad trip and cheered up the Pythia.

  7. There would have been a software glitch or bug. Neo would become a bug man and start eating everything around him. Good and evil would start to mix, just like in real life. The blue pill is good, the red pill is evil. Blue for the Democrats, red for the Communists.

  8. At the discretion of those who suggested it to him. True, there is a technical nuance, we know about the red pill, but we don't know how the blue pill technically works. �Perhaps it is erasing information about the red pill. �In general, as in any device, when you close 0 and 1, it depends on what is” stronger ” than 0 and 1 .

  9. It will have the same effect as the blue pill. What matters here is not what he specifically chose, blue or red. And then, chose or not it is red. Accordingly, all other sets of solutions that are not equal to red give the same effect = blue.

  10. To begin with, no one would let him take 2 pills at once. There was a different meaning there. Otherwise, nothing would have happened, because the pills, in fact, were a test. Morpheus would just send Neo to hell if he wasn't ready to accept responsibility. At least that makes sense.

  11. In this case, nothing depended on the pill. Red or blue, it's a choice between really being true and lying. Tablets are a visualization of the choice, they do not contain substances (except for vitamin C) that change everything. hence the unwillingness to resolve this same failure, and Morpheus would just send him back to his warm crib.

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