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  1. I strongly advise you to read the work of The Creator of Stars-Olaf Stapledon, The Fourth Way-Uspensky, and Carlos Castaneda. These three authors completely cover all possible fantasies about other dimensions and realities. But I will tell you from myself – I have been studying the spiritual component of our Universe for a long time and I fully agree with the experience of spiritual masters, the so-called saints – the world opened up to many of them, which exists parallel to ours, and they all said with one voice: “Everything is different there! So different that in our reality there are no such processes and actions that were at least a little analogous to what is happening in another reality – it is impossible to describe in words what is there.” This was said by everyone who managed to visit the parallel reality where our souls go after death. It is not that there will be a different type – there the principle of formation of space and its component will be different, including the laws.

  2. In one of my unrealized concepts, the world has the shape of a huge vertical spiral that goes to infinity. The inhabitants of this world live in semi-darkness on the turns of a spiral and regularly build their houses and other structures on them. And after a while, a huge, dazzling ball of light like a fireball flies along the spiral, which demolishes everything they have created. The inhabitants themselves hide in the folds of the spiral in time and remain unharmed, and then begin to build everything anew.

    They are capable of creating their own kind, but this requires the consent of three, not two. Once agreed, the three stand in a circle, and each decides what qualities he wants to invest in his descendant. After that, all three of them work together to create a new individual in the center of the circle.

    The conceived story tells about one of the inhabitants of this world, who wondered why the world is the way he sees it. Why everything repeats itself, what kind of ball it is, where it comes from, and whether there is any other way out than to build everything anew. He becomes the first person who did not hide from the ball and, suppressing panic, came out to meet him.

  3. Our universe obeys the physical laws that were created at the big bang and they are the same for all matter. The course of evolution of chemical elements developed in the solar system is most likely similar to other worlds in the known universe.

  4. First, there are no other visible universes, because of the law of duality. The universe is dual and is divided into positive (Cold) and negative (Hot) parts, which are interconnected by the direct flow of Time.

    Every thing has its opposite in our visible world, without which it cannot exist separately. Opposites are parts of a single whole and differ only in the level of manifestation of their inherent qualities.

    This law of duality tells us that every phenomenon in our universe has its opposite, without which it could not exist. The universe is harmonious, and therefore we are all important and necessary parts of one great and harmonious organism.

    Any person who comes our way is neither bad nor good. He is just a person who manifests himself in different ways in different situations. There is no bad apart from the good, just as there is no joy without sorrow.

    Every situation, sometimes the most disastrous, necessarily has its opposite – just look at it from a slightly different angle. Black would not exist without white, darkness shows us the boundaries beyond which light begins, and exhaling leads to inhaling.

    Thus, the Law of Duality teaches us not to rush to label people and phenomena that come our way. It should always be remembered that the stick is two-edged, and the medal has two sides.

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