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  1. Ask God … Is this an interview with Posner? The only thing that would come to mind would be to prostrate yourself and say: “My God! Forgive me, a sinful, wretched, foolish, and unworthy servant of Yours, because I have defiled Your image and likeness.” All of us, sooner or later, will not have to ask questions, but answer them before the Lord. Should we go mad today, asking the Lord about something?

  2. I know that many people turn to the Bible. It is called a reliable source and even the Word of God. If this is true, then it means that God really communicates with people, answers most of our questions, and shows us how to deal with many difficulties.
    Try reading this book and you may find the answer.
    Have a good search!

  3. I'm just wondering, how do you see it? That God will come and tell you something?

    In our time, all sorts of mentors and gurus, unfortunately, are ordinary deceivers who are hungry for profit, and there are those who are not for the sake of money, but there are so few of them already.

    Strictly my opinion

    God is in each of us, and he answers our questions in our heads with our words and our language. In a way, God is the conscience that tells us what to do and what not to do.

    Believe it or not, it is strictly everyone's opinion, but to deny the fact that we are not the only ones in the universe and there are beings of absolute power, at least stupid)

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  1. The question has no further details. Does it refer to believers or atheists?

    If to believers, then they have long been asking everything. That's why they believe in God, that he answers them. Imagine a believer who for many years asks a question to God, and he does not answer…: -) Only idiots behave like this.

    If the question refers to atheists, then it was necessary to add “if it existed”. So, if it existed, then its existence would have been known long ago, and then all the exhaustive questions to it would have been asked long ago and all the answers would have been received. But God must know everything, so we would know everything. There will be only stupid questions, or those about which you can say “just to ask something” or “asked-like in a puddle p*** * l”.

    So the author should ask the question like this:

    What would you, as an atheist, ask God if he revealed his existence?

  2. interesting. Who created him, God ? this question , I believe , interests many people 😉 and in general, it is interesting to find out “what he is” and who created us, people.? Generally an interesting question

  3. I only ask him one thing: why is he so cruel to people? It's all. I perceive myself as myself. I don't ask why this is the case for me and not otherwise. I used to be surprised, but now I've grown up, let's just say…

    And then, he gave me the opportunity to write down life options in books. others don't… And this is a gesture I have:))))))))))))))))))). Something like that. Good luck to all.

  4. I would answer: “Why are children born with Cancer , why do they deserve it ? “There are no such sins of parents, for which children would be born with such a disease . I would also ask, ” Why are you so cruel and why did you create such a world then?”

  5. I would ask him: “who made you God?” and would have asked him , or rather asked him: couldn't you make me a god too?????????????????????

  6. Most often, I ask God if what I care about most in the world is true, or if it's just my imagination. And I ask him to disillusion me if this is not true, and if it is true, then give me the strength to make it a reality.

  7. If we assume that it exists: “Why do you need all this? What's the point of all this fuss for you?”. Although, if I was wrong initially in the face of such impressive evidence of my badness, I would ask him to explain in an accessible way how he appeared/or how it “was always”.

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