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  1. It seems that there are two different questions here, and it is better to answer them separately. I'll start with the second one.

    1. In fact, it is impossible to prove that the world is real. Any attempt at proof itself can be simulated inside the “matrix”. However, it's not all bad: if I live in this world , I live in it as if it's real, because there is no alternative for me. The simulated world is much like a dream: when I have a dream, it feels real to me until I wake up. It is from the difference between sleeping and waking that I can conclude that the dream is unreal. And it is impossible to “wake up” from a simulated reality – therefore, we can safely exist in this world, since it is the only one.

    It is a little ironic that it is possible to strictly “prove” just the simulated reality (if it is simulated), but not its “reality”. That is, if reality is really a “matrix” – then there may be that “red pill”, swallowing which you will learn how deep the rabbit hole is. But if reality is real, how can you get rid of doubts about reality? No way, they are inevitable.

    1. Now, let's assume that we have been hinted at the “unreality of reality”. What are we going to do? A lot of good films have been made on this topic (and almost all of Philip K. Dick's work revolves around this problem in one way or another) – in addition to the Matrix, there is also the Thirteenth Floor, the Truman Show, The Beginning and others. For all these works, it is characteristic that the main character (or heroes) lives and does not grieve as long as there is no doubt in him about the reality of what is happening. And he is always trying to get to the bottom of the truth – you can call it something like a natural “craving for authenticity” of a person. That is, it is impossible to simply “brush off” the idea of inauthenticity of reality. Sometimes it goes to extreme forms, like the wife of the main character in “The Beginning”, who, knowing about the unreality of dreams, came to the idea that the reality in which we wake up is also a dream, from which there is only one way to wake up – it's death.

    We strive for authenticity. However, this does not mean that once we reach it, we will forever reject the “inauthentic world”. Remember the traitor Cypher from the Matrix, who gave up all his associates for the right to return to the Matrix and live the life of a rich man and celebrity there. However, he also strives for authenticity: first, he still came out of the Matrix, that is, at one time he took the” red pill ” from Morpheus. And secondly, an important condition that he asks his ” employers “to completely erase the memory of the world outside the matrix – and this is a fundamental requirement, without which his” happy life ” would be absolutely impossible.

  2. The Wachowskis went a little overboard with how to show the matrix. We really live in the matrix, now it is rewritten and restored. We can't live in the wrong place. We can live outside the system, but not outside the matrix. The film shows the matrix aimed at destruction, now it is aimed at creation. Precisely because we live in a matrix, our future is multivariate. There are certain milestones that need to be passed, but otherwise you can model your life using a thought form and a mental image. The way the film shows the connections from the back, they really are, go along the spine and look like plugs. With the help of such connections, our energy potential is drawn out. In general, the film can be viewed as a documentary, it contains a lot of information, but it needs to be understood a little differently.

  3. Exactly the same as everything: nothing. Just because I don't think I could have changed anything, and if I'd tried, I'd have ended up in a madhouse in one fell swoop. I would live as I live, but with the knowledge that my world is a matrix.

  4. Nothing special, of course. What he did, he would continue.

    There is absolutely no difference in how the World in which we live really works in its elementary basis.

    Our feelings and the basis of the World at the level of elementary particles are completely unrelated. There is an insurmountable gap of about a trillion on the size scale between them. If these were not elementary particles, but classes of the C++ language, then just as feelings and codes would not intersect in any way.

    The film Matrix is a work of art that plays precisely on feelings, and the real effects of the Matrix, if the World works like this, would be completely invisible in everyday life, as it is.

  5. From the point of view of an ordinary person, which I consider myself, I would not do anything. Does that make any difference? We will also live, love, like someone, someone-no, work, study, etc.

    From the point of view of science, it would certainly be interesting to study this issue, to think about how, for example, Newton's laws (which, I repeat, will not get away from the fact that we have learned something else) relate to this new information for me.

    So sleep well. There are quite a lot of assumptions about who we are and where we are in the world: someone says that we were brought by aliens, someone claims that we came as a result of natural selection, someone-that we are the creation of God, and even the assumption that we are a computer game played by some higher forces. Does it make you feel hot or cold?

    By the way, what kind of “session” is this during which a movie is shown? During the session, you need to read books. And if you are so affected by cinema, then you should switch to the classics: watch “War and Peace” and “The Brothers Karamazov”, and better read.

  6. I'm not proving it, I'm not interested.

    But the Buddhists seem to be talking about just that: that you and the world don't exist.

    You didn't tell them anything new just now.

    An option is to go as a novice to a monastery and from time to time get either a bamboo stick on the head, or koans. And there will be (possibly) enlightenment.

    However, this is more of an anecdotal interpretation, but in fact-somewhere yes.

    In general, the option – to the Buddhists!..

  7. In this question, the word “Simulation”is annoying, and it is the main one here.

    What is being simulated?

    Simulation is an imitation of something, or a certain process. And, what can our world simulate, the same world, but original?

    It turns out that you need to have the original and simulate it?

    and why have the original? Why not immediately create an invented world that works according to the laws invented by the mind.

    By the way, such worlds are actively developed, for example, in the USA at MIT.

    And if the goal is to create an AI with certain specified properties, as described in the Bible, then what is the point of simulating a certain world if the goal is to create AI? After all, if we are created by the Mind, then we are artificial creatures for It.

    How to prove that our world is real, but no way. It is absolutely real and material for us.

    The world is a formula. The world is real and material within itself and does not exist outside of itself.

    Just like this site, it is real and material within itself and can even be infinite, while it is constantly expanding within itself and expanding nowhere outside of itself, but it does not exist outside of itself.

    But the World that creates it (the World of the Creator, as well as the Creator Himself) does not exist for our world, just as the worlds created by us do not exist in our world.

    All this is easy to understand when you understand the principle of the relationship between Creating and created reality. But this is already a religion.

  8. To prove that our reality is virtual (or real), you need to know what the real world looks like, how it differs from the virtual world. But if we are inside a simulated Matrix, then how do we know what a non-simulated reality looks like? Maybe it looks like this, as we see it inside the Matrix, and therefore our hypothetical Matrix is not a Matrix at all, but the most real reality, the one and only. The main thing is that the observed reality is natural, no matter what it is, simulated or objectively physical, so we can investigate it using a scientific method, and use the obtained knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and humanity. The idea of the Matrix, in this case, is simply cut off by Occam's razor.

    If I had known that the world was being simulated, I would have written a complaint to the creators of the simulator about the 2020 version of the Matrix. The version is defective, with viruses: -).

  9. Pfft… Nonsense. I don't understand why people got out of the capsules in the matrix. I wouldn't get out of there for any money. On the contrary, if the matrix is invented, as in the films “the first player is ready” and in “the thirteenth floor” or in the anime “Masters of the Sword online”, then I would gladly go to this world.

    I live for pleasure, for love, for friends and family. I like it when I achieve something, I love my friends. So I don't care if it's real. In general, reality, to be honest, is subjective.

    I live in this world here and now, to maintain my body, I need to eat, if I do bad things, I will be punished, and if I do good things, I will be praised. If someone proves that this world is just a simulation, and life is much worse outside of it, then why should I leave this matrix? I'd rather find a better matrix than this one, where I'm a fantasy hero and I live fighting monsters, and I have a lot of lives.

    Reality is the place where we live and where we feel alive. Even if I am food for robots, I live fully from my point of view, and if I change reality, it is not in the direction of “real reality” but in the direction where life will be even better.

  10. This is a very interesting question, maybe I will answer a little off topic, but I would try to generalize it a little and if I can answer the “general” question, maybe the particular one will become clearer.
    What exactly is the world/reality? If by reality we mean everything that is accessible to the senses directly or indirectly, then the “matrix” must also be reality (albeit illusory). And here a natural question arises: is reality the only one? The matrix of possible illusions is due to the fact that there is a prejudice that there is only one reality and the “matrix” is nothing more than an illusion, but what if there can be more than one reality?
    We (people), as it were, live in the same reality and it seems real (at least until we watch the movie “the matrix”). However, if we assume that there are many realities (or that there can be many of them), then another question arises: what properties does reality have (or should it have)? Using the example of the “matrix” and our reality, I would suggest that reality should be closed (you can't get out of the” matrix “on your own, you should be “woken up” from the outside). Such realities could be embedded in each other, and create multi-layered analogues of the “matrix”, like: people were placed in the illusion of a machine, but the world of machines is also an illusion in which their chips were misled by reptiloids, and the world of reptiloids is also an illusion in which reptiloids were placed in a dream by aliens, and aliens were also placed in cryoson by inovselentsy and so on.))) In general “matrix” inside “matrix” inside “matrix”…
    Another feature is that inside the” matrix ” there was only consciousness, and the body was outside the matrix. Another question arises: is it necessary to have a body outside of illusory reality, or is it enough to be distributed over a computer system, like programs from the same “matrix”? Perhaps, for the transition between realities, it is necessary to have in each reality some form of existence corresponding to the “physical” laws of this reality. But since reality was assumed to be closed, one cannot leave it from the inside in order to study the “physical” properties of another reality. This, by the way, is in good agreement with the definition of reality given earlier, namely: information about the world outside the current reality should not be perceived by me, otherwise this information belongs to the current reality (I cannot study reality from the “matrix”) .
    It turns out that if we assume that reality is a set of sensations, and that reality is not necessarily one, we can conclude: each reality can have its own “physical” picture of the world and its own sets of sensations, and even its own unique structure/s of the mind (cognizing this reality), so if I found out that I live in one of several realities, I would really want to And proof of the reality of the current reality is no longer required, since any reality turns out to be real by definition.

    But this is true only under these assumptions, with other assumptions there may be different conclusions and, accordingly, a different goal setting.

  11. If the world is a matrix, and everything is only apparent to a person,then your question does not arise to a single consciousness,which is a consequence of imagining yourself as one in the whole world.There is a logical contradiction here.Even your question is not real,but the illusion is obtained as an appeal.And this is physics.

  12. I know I live in the matrix, just like everyone else. Only everyone has their own matrix. And all these matrices are easily added and multiplied.

    You just perfectly described the operation of the matrix. But you don't have the key. So all you have to do is philosophize. Even if you had a key, you wouldn't be able to use it, because the key is ridiculously simple. And you need to do a lot of work on yourself, work on a reduction.

    I did this job. And now I can get information about any person for personal gain. Example: Mikhail Gorbachev


    On the left side of the equations is the person himself, on the right his brains and information that has fallen on his head. Why does no one want to use this system? Too easy. The matrix is something cool, intangible, maybe even divine, and here are just a few numbers. But this is probably the happiness of a person-to look far ahead and not see anything under your feet.

  13. I developed a conceptual Gnostic philosophy that proved that our world is a hallucination. I do not know about the matrix, but since Euclidean geometry does not exist, our world, read objects of geometry, is a hallucination.

  14. The matrix is nonsense, answer a simple question is the feeling of hunger or pain in the tooth also a simulation?

    Just the fact that you ask such questions already says that you have freedom of thought and feelings, if we assume that there is a creator of the matrix which placed all people in some cocoons and translates them simulations in this case, the simulation would not allow you to realize yourself in it, for you it would be more than real and you would not be able to realize that everything is fake, in short, the matrix is nonsense for impressionable people.

  15. Every system is a brain. And when the brain laughs, it gets a shock. The weather in the system is affected by verses.for example:
    The dead man gets out of the chair ,
    Ripping up the seat trim
    , He climbs his ass forward,
    Not the dawn of it dawns.
    Creak creak, its pieces are hung on its ribs,
    Thud thud, triple thumps in his thighs.
    What a nice day it was this morning…
    And now you want to punch into the stump.

  16. The World is a Matrix, definitely. Our bodies are an Avatar for the Soul (or energy). Avatars are constructed in such a way that they have a connection with the energy that gave them birth (that is, the Soul), and the Soul is a tiny “piece” of Universal energy. Our Matrix was created specifically for living in it in our “avatars”…. All “avatars” are different. Plants, animals, people… all have their own avatars, but in each avatar – a piece of the energy of the Universe, which is embodied in this Matrix… The general “background” is the same for everyone, but each piece of energy contained in the Avatar creates its own unique world, and this world is unique. Avatar – a perfect creation of the Universe, which can heal itself, change in accordance with the conditions of living, reproduce…, and not “confusing the types of avatars” (only a rose will be born from a rose)… The only secret in this Matrix is that the Soul's own world, enclosed in the earth Avatar, is built precisely on feelings, on ideas about itself… that is, the entire Matrix is built on our emotions…”According To Your Faith.”.. But, this opportunity is provided only to people, other living beings are subject to the” program ” of the Universe.

    Judging by what is happening at the moment on Earth, most of the” small worlds ” of people leave much to be desired… after all, it is the consciousness of people that builds this Matrix

    Once ALL people realize that you can change the Matrix just by changing the way you think about yourself, everything will change…

    Each of us has FREE WILL… however, fear, slavish worship, greed, inertia, laziness and other ” sins “that the Universe provides us with information from various sources do not allow people to transform our Matrix, which would be built on the basis of love for each other , for all living things, which also passes their” tests ” here, together with us. And, our Matrix will change only when the “inner essence of the people” living here in their Avatars changes…

    From time to time, the scenery in the Matrix changes… probably the Universe intervenes, sometimes just partially “zeroing out” life, when the balance of the system that allows the Matrix to exist is disturbed (a worldwide flood, an ice age…, etc., which we can't even know) You can live well in the Matrix!! We have created all the conditions – air, water, planets, stars, Sun, beauty around us, minerals, energy that can work for us and for us. The only condition is not to spoil what is created for a comfortable life for everyone on this planet and not to “ruin” each other, as they are doing now

    most of the people denounced by the authorities…

  17. No way, because the probability that our world is a simulation is quite high, there are several indirect proofs of this. But does it really matter if you feel hungry without eating, if you feel pain from cuts, you can love and rejoice? My point is that all your feelings are real, whether they are simulated or not, you are still experiencing them. If a robot is given feelings, it will no longer be just a robot.
    The answer to the question of whether we live in the matrix, people have yet to find, but it will be done by those who are interested in it, who want to do it, and you do what you are attracted to.

  18. Oh well, what's the problem? And the fact that everything is predestined from above and God is just testing us and no more than that – the Matrix does not resemble? Just the film “The Matrix” – a simplified and adapted to the modern way of life Bible, if you want. But no more than that. Just not about us modern, but as in that movie – “Far,far away in the West” … (for those who know – respect). Has anyone ever thought about this angle of the film?

  19. Everything is simple. There is no freedom in the matrix, and if you start doing something that you didn't do, you won't be able to do it. So we don't have a matrix. There are higher forces, at least the forces of the universe, since there are laws of the universe. But our world is more complex than in the matrix. And even if we have a matrix, then just live as you want with your native people. Or do you consider your relatives fake or actors? You look at nature, eat delicious food, learn something new, take a walk in the park, run in a safe place and you will understand that even if it is not real—you live in a beautiful, beautiful world where you are loved, even if artificial people and other living organisms. This knowledge is enough for later life.

  20. We live in a subjective world of perceptions. It is ours and we each see it individually. Therefore, its objective nature is not important for us. Whatever it is, we are still prisoners of objective reality. If you want to see the world as a homogeneous and uniform space, if you want to quantize it, the main thing is that it allows you to navigate and socialize in it-a multi-faceted one. Each creature perceives the world in its own way-an elementary example, snakes see in the infrared range, bats in general-ultrasonic location. For every creature there is a niche in it. And the matrix is just a discrete representation of consciousness. But there is such a thing as systems of rigid differential equations. They have their own methods of numerical solutions, for example, Rosenbrock. When you see how they work, it is quite possible to assume for the sake of convention that we are quantized and our whole world is quantum or matrix.

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