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  1. A way to erase negative memories and experiences that you have to struggle with day by day, because the human psyche is such a complex mechanism and here you are smart, healthy and have great potential, but something from the past constantly haunts you in your head and it has absolutely nothing to do with the difficulties that make you stronger.

    Hardly anyone gets stronger from the memories of a drunken stepfather who beat you up, a mother who hung around no matter where, some kind of murder of a loved one in front of your eyes.

  2. Oh! Great question, hang in there!! A cure for cancer. Regenerating cells(or something like that). The engine is capable of carrying out interplanetary flights, from 2-3 weeks to two months, inside the solar system. Installations that allow you to artificially “craft” oxygen atoms, for the same interplanetary flights. FTL information transmitters. A device that allows you to convey your thoughts to animals in order to establish mental contact with them. A lot of AI for different purposes, unable to synthesize, so that in the case of deviant behavior of one, it could not be neutralized by its “brothers”.

    Oh, yes! Console-Hologram from Blade Runner 2049-top!

  3. I would put all my strength into the development of implants, because it has always been interesting and most importantly it is very relevant at the moment and such discoveries would give impetus to many other scientists, as well as solve many problems of an ordinary person. Of course, at first these implants would be quite expensive and not everyone could afford them, but it's only a matter of time. If, for example, to create an implant (I don't know how), purely theoretically, which allows a person to stay awake (or sleep less) and at the same time be completely awake and this would not affect the body in any way, then the development of man and science would take a huge step and would do them without stopping, because production would increase, of course, the fatigue factor But he is often hindered by the sleep factor, because he is a person and he needs to sleep. In our case, there would be no such need and, accordingly, he would devote more time to what he is interested in. In general, everything is quite logical and obvious.

  4. A miniature analyzer implanted in the bloodstream that evaluates all blood parameters/composition in real time, including hormones and all cancer markers; of course, with the ability to translate and record data (to assess dynamics) to any portable device (the same smartphone, for example). I know it's sparse, but how necessary it is in the work..
    And cloning, cloning!

  5. I would continue my research in bivariant K-theory of normed spaces, only now again in full force, and not on the train after work. Ideally, I would study QQ theory for a field with 1 element. Звучит Does it sound boring? And for me, boredom is artificial intelligence, which I now have to deal with.

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