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  1. Gain experience. 20 years is the start of the afigitelny stage of gaining experience. I would advise you to try everything, fit into all the loose ends, jobs, internships, trips, companies, and so on. This is a time to test yourself for strength and honestly answer to yourself “what am I really worth?” It's a time to meet different people. And the more of them there are, the better.

    I would advise you not to be afraid, because then it will only get cooler.

    Do not try to “settle down” and solve something “once and for all”. Life flows and everything changes, it's always true))) but during this period, to decide something so globally is generally nonsense.

    I would remind you that it's time to learn to love yourself, start understanding yourself and find out what you really want.

    The earlier, the better it is to go to a psychologist to deal with childhood traumas, dependent relationships, just relationships, parents, yourself, internal dialogue, and so on.

    If I hadn't already moved out of my parents ' house, I would definitely advise you to do it as soon as possible.

    Well — don't be silly. The coolest experience lies in the area of “I want to, but I'm afraid”.

  2. Never be afraid of anything. Forget about “I can't” and “what if it doesn't work out”, because it will. You have to believe in yourself. Even if you don't really want to. Always say yes, almost like in the Jim Carrey movie of the same name. Don't take everything too seriously, don't grab onto people and relationships, travel more, laugh more often, and be less boring. Remember that we live only once and do not miss a single opportunity in each of the areas of our beautiful life.

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