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  1. No, it's not a coincidence. Dreams reflect our mental and physical state. There is no conscious control, we pay less attention to external stimuli (if we are not woken up by an alarm clock or something else, we can say that there are no external stimuli for us), so sleep is a good time for the psyche to actively process the information that it has left from the day and signals from the body. And here a bad physical condition, or illness, is just reflected in a metaphorical form in the form of nightmares. For the first time, Sigmund Freud drew attention to the possibilities of early diagnosis of health by dreams, and his concept was repeatedly confirmed.

  2. This is the normal functioning of the nervous system when it processes the stress that the body experiences during a disease (illness). Someone before cold symptoms sees disturbing dreams and nightmares (previously does not see) and this is an indicator that something is happening not only in mental but also somatic health

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