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  1. And why?

    Conspiracy theories are very convenient because they radically simplify the picture of the world and make it predictable.

    And do you seriously think that the proponents of social (if not class) inequality, who have built their entire conceptual platform on this, will dramatically change their shoes?

    Not to mention the fact that in our country, most of the so-called right-wing (as, indeed, left-wing) “philosophers ” are strikebreakers on a salary, and those who pose a real threat are either arrested, or have died in exile (crossed out) in exile, or are graphomaniacs on the internet1.

    • By the way, real emigrants, who first of all went to the West and managed to assimilate there, do not see any SJW dictatorship around them, but they see a policy of diversity (social diversity) and inclusivity, which is aimed at creating equal opportunities and more or less equal representation of social groups.
    • As for the Russian philistine, foreign events have little to do with anything, but whataboutism has been a convenient technique since the days of Soviet [internal] propaganda, and most importantly, it is extremely effective. Why to recall the civil society response to internal events when you can scare people with horror stories about foreign countries, especially post-Soviet people still poorly integrated into the global communication on migration level (Rousseau tourists travel across the border selvatica, high shopping, but not to study/learn from the experience), and on the cultural level.
    • Even today, the post-Soviet people are far from the trends of the post-industrial world, their thinking is archaic and formed by Soviet workers', peasants', rural and industrial practices, besides, LGBT people in the USSR were persecuted in every possible way, and the friendship of peoples in many ways turned out to be decorative, breaking into ethnic and other specifics on the ground. Note, however, that xenophobia (in a broad sense) is artificially inflated in the domestic society — let me remind you that the mass culture of the 90s-early 00s was very tolerant, and the Russian BLM happened 25 years ago as part of the video for the song by Leonid Agutin“The guy is black”

    Therefore, the karanavalization of political processes will continue, and all sorts of freaks and inadequacies will be brought to the stage from both flanks and not only from there, hindering constructive discussion and consolidation of civil resources-uttering absolutely utter nonsense that has no direct relation to our reality.

    Why bring up the issues of current socio-economic inequality at your side, when you can stir up a fight about the Western agenda?


    In general, it is necessary to fight in the wrong direction — not in Runet with another paonoptikum, idiots, scoundrels and provocateurs (from Stalinists to libertarians or alt-rights), but for… any serious centrist (center-left, center-right) initiative focused on the growth of civic consciousness.

    1 What? Yes! Although I myself am the first opponent of conspiracy theory, however, the information flows of the Runet, oddly enough, are quite manageable in order to gently stop the promotion of odious figures. And there are no more sites with absolute virality – on most sites, traffic is gracefully adjusted in the right direction or blurred or smeared at all.

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