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  1. Let's assume it ends. What's next, what are the options?

    The most outstanding “leader of the twentieth century – Winston Churchill” said:
    Democracy is the worst form of government, apart from all the others that humanity has tried in its history.

    He also said that he was disappointed in the Democrats, but not in democracy.

    All this is still relevant today.

  2. I don't know about you, but in Russia this fashion is not available. I probably can't wait to see if it ever starts.

    Either the designers are untalented, or the models are wrong.

  3. It should be understood that equality and democracy, and the basic principle of democracy is equality before the law for the largest possible part of the population, are unifying, economical for the state, and extremely effective ways of internal organization. At the moment, they can be considered simply necessary strategies for strong states. The rejection of democracy and the construction of a different society, divided into class rules (for example, when an official, a security officer and a businessman have completely different rights and obligations before the law), simply leads to the loss of independence by the state and leaving for the role of satellites of superpowers.

    But when the antagonism between states ceases, and the need to exert all forces in the struggle for world leadership comes to naught, then surely humanity will turn to the individual in search of new development resources, and democracy will be abandoned, like the horror of any other level. But it will be a completely different society. On this topic, you can only fantasize, for example, V. M. Rybakov does a good job.

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