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  1. When you realize the non-dual nature of reality, you will disidentify with the body / personality complex, come to God/Nirvana / Absolute, and find salvation/enlightenment. Until then, the fuck-up will continue. Year after year, life after life. Things like that, bro.

  2. I don't know what it's about, but here's the deal. We all have needs and these needs depend on what social stratum we belong to (in financial terms). Someone has enough to eat, and the other's dissatisfaction is that after each meal he has to hide the cutlery in the safe because they are so expensive that they are insured and under the terms of insurance must be kept in the safe. One will not understand the other.
    But the needs are not finite. The more you have, the more you'll want. So, to end this or any other fucked-up, it is enough to demand less.�

    And a person adapts to reality. If you end up in the slums of India, it will be fucked up for the first half of the year. Then you'll adapt and learn how to manage a bucket of water a day. And when you come back, you're probably not as fucked up as you were before.

    I guess the answer is so-so, like the question itself.

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