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  1. Well, with this approach of compulsory education, children begin to hate their studies. And in adult life, self-development is scored because they do not see the point. No one gives you grades. And my parents don't force me to.

    But what is the point of studying and self-development in general? In training the neural connections that will prevent us from getting alzheimer's and Parkinson's very quickly.. And in General. The world is so interesting, so unknown. So do we really need some kicks?

    I think I answered the question why.
    (oh, this prank contest.. This is not the first time I have answered such questions..)

    The only thing that bothers adults is eternal employment. And about how to still have time to develop told in the previous answer, check the profile =)

  2. You know, this question was very well answered by Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland. Do you remember? “You need to run as fast as you can just to stay in place, and to get somewhere, you need to run at least twice as fast!” This is just about it: life does not stand still and if you learn in your youth not to constantly raise your level, then you will lag behind life, from your peers, and then you and the younger ones will overtake and much earlier than it is provided for by nature. You need to study all your life – this is absolutely necessary if, of course, you want to live, and not just exist…

  3. Adults study mainly for two reasons: to make life more interesting and to make their salary bigger.

    To diversify their lives, they learn various creative skills, foreign languages, car driving, and just all sorts of knowledge for the development of intelligence and erudition.

    In order to earn more money and make a career, they study at various courses, trainings, and seminars related to their work activities. In many organizations, this is mandatory for promotion through the corporate ladder. Some people manage to get additional higher education in parallel with their work. There are those who work in the scientific field, they themselves are generators of new knowledge, write dissertations, conduct research.

    Basically, an adult's life is divided roughly equally into three parts – sleep, work, and personal life. In the last two, there is always a place to study. But this does not mean that all adults are eager to learn, most are lazy, do not believe in themselves or do not consider it necessary.

  4. In order to know not only what someone else needs from you-parents, teachers, authorities, friends, relatives and other people, as in childhood, but also to find out what is interesting or necessary for you personally, even if these interests concern not only you. Just to find out, you often have to first become yourself-overcome the inertia of thinking and the habitual need to satisfy other people's interests, caused by all the previous experience.

  5. The more I know, the more I realize that I don't know even more.

    As long as a person learns new things, he lives. It stops and starts dying. And it doesn't depend on age.

    I like to learn new things.

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