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  1. THE UNIVERSE is –

    or a large garbage dump, where there are no elements of intelligence and living matter in principle can not arise (insanity-hypothesis)


    a harmonious system that has elements of the living and intelligent and develops (an obvious hypothesis).

  2. What do you want to understand by asking this question? Or maybe you want to prove something? Why didn't you, who took such a pseudonym for yourself, realize that it exists exactly to the same extent as it doesn't exist? and that the dispute between the believer and the non-believer is a duality, a division: the inability of darkened minds to realize the unity of all that is happening-a dispute with one's own reflection? Don't you see how far-fetched this world is yet? Who sees this world? Who perceives it? Who is this “Who”?

  3. Let's start with the definition of “faith” – this is what an individual believes.Faith does not involve proof! Now about God, everyone perceives this concept according to their beliefs! Completely denying its presence is stupid,even atheists did not rule it out !Considering the material world, we can say that there is no God! If we take the spiritual component then the existence of the Creator is obvious!

  4. When I say I don't believe in God (and more often I say I do), I mean concepts of God from Earth's religions, when someone insists that they must be the only true and literal truth.

    Of course, when I believe in God – I believe exactly what I came up with myself, because there is no other source. And I don't believe in what I came up with when I thought about what others came up with.

  5. The theist has in his subjective reality our world and the Creator of the world. For the theist, both the world and its Creator exist.

    The atheist has only the world, and to deny it, he must invent a creator. But, the trick is that the invented creator, in the mind of an atheist, will always be marked – “invented”.

    This means that the atheist has a world and a creator in his mind.

    This invented atheist and denies that it is logical.

    Naturally, this denial of the atheist has nothing to do with the non-invented Creator of the theist.

  6. When I say that I do not believe in God, it means that I do not believe in the existence of some entity that, according to believers, created something there and controls it.

  7. God is an awesome symbol of being. A person does not notice that the essence of his thinking is always to say “no”. There is a God, no, I am happy, no…I want to believe, yes and no.

  8. There are a lot of things I don't believe in, like general relativity. This does not prevent us from applying it in practice. Similarly, faith in God. This is a very important philosophical concept that has allowed the human society to solve a number of vital tasks. For example, to answer the question, who will guard the watchman? The question itself has no solution, there will always be an extreme one that will collapse the entire system, as a result of which all commodity values will be stolen, and civilization will collapse.. But the concept of faith in God allows you to find a pretty good solution. The watchman will guard himself if he believes in God and fears his terrible and just judgment in the afterlife.

  9. “When you say you don't believe in God, what do you mean by God? Don't you think you don't believe in what you've come up with for yourself?”

    “When you say you don't play golf, what do you mean by golf? Don't you think you don't believe in what you've made up for yourself?”

    Let's say Petya plays golf, but Masha and Seryozha don't play golf. At the same time, Masha imagines what kind of game Petya plays – golf, knows about the rules. And Seryozha doesn't know anything about golf at all.

    Now for the question. How much did Seryozha invent golf for himself?

    Not to mention the obvious: “When you say you believe in God, what do you mean by God? Don't you think you believe in what you've made up for yourself?”

    The quality of your questions, Rama Nrisimha Dasi, is simply terrible. And all your questions have the same root cause, don't you notice it yourself?

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