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  1. One artist I knew couldn't make money from paintings-how many works he tried. But when I started drawing tattoos, I went up a steep hill. His friend only knew how to chop wood(although he wrote funny poems like: “And the Georgians gasped…”), because he said that his brain was very small. He was interested in palmistry and was advised to take it seriously. Abruptly stopped chopping wood and took up paid palmistry and very successfully. One friend, but that was a long time ago, worked as a graphic designer, and she had a part-time job-she painted the walls of schools and kindergartens at professional prices(there were no others).

  2. The fact is, my dear friend Polina, in order not to paint pictures, but to write, that is, to reach another level, you need to learn a little from already successful artists,and this is work..

  3. You can earn money without working, only in the fairy tale “At the behest of the pike”. In other places, money is given only by hard work.

    There are a lot of art drafters, but in order to earn money, you need to buy a picture or exchange it for money.


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