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  1. I will describe in a little more detail the author's answer above. Yes, in fact, you can choose almost any profile of study among the humanities and sciences. I will judge only in accordance with the requirements of the Moscow Time universities.�

    Now for specific examples in the following majors: History (Russian, History, Social Studies (or English – at in. yaz. Moscow universities) instead of social studies at Moscow State University and RSUH, it is also the 4th subject at the Higher School of Economics. In all other cases, a “classic set” is required)), philosophy (Russian, history, social studies), law (Russian, history, social studies (MGIMO requires an in.yaz. instead of social studies, also passing an internal exam), state and municipal administration, legal support of the national.For example, a wide range of pedagogical specialties (but not directly related to psychology, I mean teachers of history, Russian language and literature), cultural studies, theory and art history, religious studies, anthropology, political science (most often Russian and history require in. yaz). This also includes foreign regional studies, international relations, and Oriental studies. The latter is a discipline of regional studies, but it combines quite a lot of areas in which, in the future, there may be a profile-from history and philology, to politics and economics of Eastern countries.�

    Among the philological disciplines, there is naturally a wide profile of programs in philology and linguistics, including a ped. profile in languages, as I wrote about above.�

    If you are interested in creativity (from acting to music), then if you pass the entrance tests at creative universities, many specialties from this field will be available to you. However, admission to such universities is delayed for years…

    Regarding what the author noted above – specialties in the areas of economics, management, marketing, sociology, and so on. To enroll in these areas, you need to take a specialized mathematics course, in some cases in. yaz. MSK has one option, known to me, a sociology program with a set of entrance exams-Russian, history, social studies. Closer to such majors with a set of Russian, history, social studies (or in.yaz) will be PR and public relations. Other service profiles include tourism and hospitality.

    I think this list of directions available to you is quite exhaustive. For more detailed information about the challenge programs and required subjects, I recommend the site<url>.

    Good luck!

  2. Social sciences. Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Marketing, Law, Anthropology (Soc), etc. Exactly your subjects coincide with political science, although I would prefer to take a more applied specialty. For example, the economy. You will be able to open a business, work as a consultant, trade on the stock exchange, etc.

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