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  1. Many people have seen this photo. Amazon's 2020 turnover is $ 247 billion

    I think there are several completely different categories of wealth. They are incredibly different in the mentality of the owners and the way to achieve this very wealth.

    There is wealth, say, near-state. People in or near government positions, large spheres of influence due to their position or position in the past or acquaintances, or combining again with big business and influence on it. Moreover, we will not poke exclusively at Russia, this is found in many countries, although more, of course, without clear and explicit transparency.

    There is an exceptionally fanciful wealth, that is, the intervention of luck, chance, random opportunity, etc. Inheritance, ownership of shares that passed from relatives and finally from the modern one – it was enough just in 2010 to sell two pizzas that were bought for 10 thousand bitcoins, or vice versa to invest in them at the start or mine. No one knew what it would be, someone lost the hard drive, and someone probably found it. No mind at all, just purely a matter of luck and an exceptionally random and quick opportunity to become a dollar millionaire.

    Going beyond computers is similar to finding an unknown Renaissance painting in my grandmother's attic, which was identified, evaluated, and auctioned off. It is also sometimes found, although there are a lot of people, including people who firmly believe in millions of their findings, but in fact it is a dummy.

    Then again, from the modern-IT sector. You didn't have to be the owner of factories and steamships, you just had to create a successful product on the market. How much did Google cost 30 years ago? How much does Whatsapp cost today? All this was created by small teams that turned into huge market monsters. That is, you would have to be a talented programmer and have a team of the same. Computers, telephony, and the Internet are the biggest and most obvious global examples of quick starts to millions. In other areas, there is simply no such thing.

    Further – a classic example for Europe, just very much – the development of business of parents and grandfathers in various fields, usually light industry. It occurs very often, children continue the work of their fathers and often such companies grow neatly from year to year, turning again into serious business objects and, accordingly, giving millions to their owners.

    Dating (let's forget about public spheres) is often a way to become rich. Just be in this pool and have a small business with millionaires. The answer is that there simply may not be enough small money. Products for rich people are expensive, and there are certain products that the middle class simply avoids. Luxury cars, bags for 10 thousand dollars, dresses for 50, etc. They have their own consumer. First make a brand, then it will work for itself. How much do you think the cost of sewing a bag will differ for 10 thousand euros and for 1000 euros (which is also expensive)? Or the cost of Bugatti Veyron (selling price of about 1.6 million)?

    Finally, it is worth noting that wealth does not always go hand in hand with good taste – there is a word in the language “kich”. Phones in diamonds, plumbing in gold, leopard capes for thousands – this is the availability of a lot of money, but others don't need it for a little money (if you can't sell it). And this is also an interesting business-selling flashy luxury goods for a certain group of people.

  2. Some of these people really stole, steal and will continue to steal, but the other part work and were able to earn money. Still others received an inheritance, and still others helped themselves to an inheritance. There are bad people and good people! So it was and so it will always be. Why focus on someone else?

  3. They own their own businesses, sit in the State Duma, work in a good position in a state corporation, and hold senior positions in large firms . They can write interesting books or paintings, perform on the stage or rap. They play football, hockey, and tennis better than others. And then there's the one who trains them. And these people can also work in the police, or they can be criminals. They can be judges or they can be lawyers. Cool doctors, cosmetologists, fashion designers, models are also all of them. Mayors, prosecutors, generals, and that's all them, too. �Movie artists, top photographers, producers, and agents to the same place. �You can earn money everywhere, even by collecting garbage. �Only you can be a homeless person, but you can own several landfills.

  4. A lot of things are taken on credit, a lot is given by parents and fathers-in-law of all sorts. Someone successfully married a cool divorcee with trailers, someone got an inheritance. Someone badly stole, with such happiness and freedom))) �

    This country is not a signatory to the anti-corruption Convention )))

  5. Hello, Dmitry!

    Very interesting question, thank you!

    If you answer this question briefly and simply, then my answer will sound like this:: These people earn their money by “transferring” it from other people's pockets to their own pocket.

  6. On the surface of your question is a guess about the inadequacy of income to the efforts made. This is indeed the case. A person can't earn money by his own labor for a palace or an eight-story yacht. That is, others do it for him, and he uses the results of their labor. This is called exploitation.

  7. 1) People who had at least some savings in the 90s bought factories for pennies, when all enterprises were transferred to private ownership, and capitalism was being built

    2) People who, due to their personal qualities, were able to organize their own personal business from scratch, without having a lot of capital

    3) Well, the highest representatives of budget organizations

    4) Show business makes a lot of money

    5) Bloggers make millions a day from Advertising

    6) Children of all of the above

  8. Either their children earned dishonestly, or simply literate specialists

    Now people can get a good PO if they are really competent, or earn money through a business

    There and there, people give a lot of time and effort to achieve such results. And in my opinion, the car is not so important as quality housing and quality rest (travel)

    And how do you feel about people whose cars they got “for nothing”?

  9. Car loans, mortgages, loans, whatever, a lot of people live beyond their means. And then they complain that there is always not enough money, because you need to pay every month, so as not to lose what you have already paid.

  10. They are mined by the workers who work for them.

    They stole this money from the workers.

    They own factories, machines, airlines – in other words, they are private owners of the means of production. Simply based on the fact that they have cp-va production, and the vast majority of them do not.

    Most people have only their own ability to work.

    For example, if you work 8 hours. Then 2 hours will be returned to you in the form of s. p. the rest is for production costs and profit. In other words, the less they pay, the more they earn.

  11. Like where? This is all a miracle of fasting, self-discipline, selfless work at the machine in the factory, reading special mantras and prayers. These are holy people!

  12. You won't believe it-THEY WORK! And with your head, not your hands. And they work creatively, i.e. they create something new that didn't exist before them. For this new and pay the most money. What is interesting is that this assessment is outside of morality and the criminal code. From the point of view of earnings, it doesn't matter what you created – a new song that the whole country sings, a new program that runs on every computer, or a new scheme for stealing the state budget. All these types of creativity are rewarded with a lot of money. Only in one case national glory, and in the other – a criminal case and prison (unfortunately, not always)

  13. These are people who work in large organizations, businessmen, and of course their relatives and children. Superiors, all sorts of stars, and just those who know how to live and turn around with one expression to lick each other.

  14. Look around and you will see businesses, shopping malls, TV, books, music, computers, programs. All this is created, built, written, invented by people who earn very good money. On their websites, their stores, their TV shows, music albums, and medical and legal practices. On Instagram and YouTube channels. On construction, on clothing, on advertising. + their children, wives, friends + officials. You can earn big money on just about anything. These are the people you see. Another thing is that you do not notice 95% of other people who live a normal life.

  15. What is this stereotypical thinking? If you take for example the same Moscow, then every hundredth businessman can afford to rent an office even in such a business center. You don't have to be a billionaire for luxury. Most expensive cars are generally taken in car sharing. Recently, I literally watched a video on YouTube, where they took intevyu from Stas Rublev ( one of the main animators of the country). So he doesn't own any property at all, whether it's a car or a car, he rents everything out. So all the pathos is bought and used to acquire both admiration and indignation from the outside)

  16. And there is no huge amount. Those who can afford it pile up in the capital, and the further away from the Moscow Ring Road – the fewer of them and the poorer life looks. Will you live in the outback with an income of lam per month? I doubt. There is no entertainment, there is nothing to spend money on, the circle of people of your affluence tends to zero, and your wealth will be taken for show-offs and envied. We are talking about those who are really rich and do not deny themselves expensive real estate and luxury cars, who can afford it.

    Reason 2: Secondary poverty. I know families who work on a car loan for a single expensive car, although it is obvious from their wealth that they cannot afford more than used Zhiguli. These are people in fur coats with the price of the same Zhiguli, driving around in them on minibuses to the office. These are the guys with the latest iPhone, eating doshik. The illusion of wealth.

    Alzo – don't believe the words. Semi-truth is not truth at all. I now have two apartments and two cars) sounds beautiful, and even is true. I work in a taxi company….

  17. It is immediately clear that you have never done business in Russia. Medium and small businesses are being strangled and killed here. All niches in one way or another compete with the state, which means that in order to survive, you need to break the law. Black salaries, tax evasion, bribes to everyone and everything, kickbacks, etc. Is he the best tennis player, the violin player???? Yes dick you will get even in the junior national team without blat or proplata. Delete the post deer!

  18. when the cunning pseudo-communists, having become in power, destroyed the richest state of the USSR, faithfully remaining ” scammers and thieves, they managed to deceive the people, and grab, and lead the rest of the country. Now the kids are well off and don't have to work for shit themselves.

  19. Such people are not many in fact, just in contrast to the eyes constantly come across. I also used to wonder why people have so many cool cars when there is poverty all around, and then I looked at the statistics that in Russia there are only 290 cars per 1000 people, and even according to the official statistics of credit cars in Russia, about 50%, that is, every second. And then I realized that there are only a few such people, and most of these 290 people drive used buckets that absolutely anyone can afford on credit. This is all an illusion, which is most likely due to not thought out Soviet buildings in our cities, narrow streets, small courtyards, so everything seems to be in a crowd, if we had 1000 cars for 1000 people like in the USA, we would have traffic jams at the exit from the yard because the city is not adapted to the adequate movement of so many vehicles

  20. 95% of the working population of Russia earns money through the production and sale of material resources,and 5% of the working population distributes this money total = Sechin and others like him 4000000 rubles a day.Ivanovs,Sidorovs, etc. 11,000 rubles per month.That's all the arithmetic.

  21. They steal. Something here all the answers are around the bush. Call a spade a spade: people steal that money, and because it's stolen, it needs to be wrapped in something as quickly as possible.

    And since there is not much to wrap them in, and you need to have a lot of talents for this, the money is turned into expensive cars, tsatskis, and so on.

  22. First of all, these are civil servants and security forces who managed to get a job. The inspector of juvenile Affairs once opened up to me. So, good places can generate a serious income that provides entire groups of interested parties. Well, for example, to buy their child out of the clutches of the police, parents are ready to give any money, and the staff connected to this, not only the inspector, but also all sorts of reshaly and intermediaries, can afford it, and of course the authorities are not just sitting in their chair 😉

    Secondly. So far, there is a small layer of medium-sized businesses. Yes, it is increasingly being crushed by officials, but managers and owners (even fictitious owners) are far from poor. A friend has now been given a fork, or suspended under a criminal code for illegal entrepreneurship (which was legal for 15 years), or transfers the business and becomes a manager. I chose the second one, says I didn't lose much money.

    Third. There are quite some salaries for top managers in state corporations. For example, the presenters on Russia Today and NTV love their homeland for a reason: their services are paid more than generously from the treasury. There are security forces, the same rank FSB officers who are fully satisfied with their families, and they can afford to spend their salaries on some items of demonstrative status consumption.

    Fourth. There are large corporations. They have managers, thugs, partners, co-owners there…

  23. You have to be either a genius, a thug, or a criminal. Moreover, the first 2 types can become the third. And since our entire business is semi-criminal or protected by someone corrupt…

    Geniuses have the hardest time. they are super useful, but sometimes helpless in the most ordinary situations.

  24. If the point is exactly where this money comes from, then it is either borrowed or attracted. Unearned income is already a criminal method of relative enrichment. This is either a direct fraud (using corruption), or an escape from the brazen tax burden in the Russian Federation (aka tribute). Someone is trying to use banking programs (accounts payable, car loans, mortgage schemes, etc.) to turn out a profitable offer for themselves, at least temporarily. One way or another – envy drivers of premium cars or luxury apartments = human stupidity. And those who imitate them profess stupidity. The main material and spiritual philosophy is power and money. All other toys are not important. This is just a dress code for entering the “family”. It will not bring satisfaction for more than just a few moments, no matter how much the pseudo – “elite” tries to convince themselves of this. That is why it is sad when the owners of the monopoly on violence and paper money realize this and find the meaning of life in how to occupy themselves (and this hobby is far from badminton, unfortunately for many tens of millions of people).

  25. People who believe that huge amounts of money in Russia can only be earned by crime and bribery are limited.

    These are the very people who will always find fault with any of their problems and will blame anyone but their laziness.

    I know a lot of people who have earned a living, provide for their parents, and help their children. At the same time, they fly abroad for vacations a couple of times a year.

    And there are no crimes behind them.

    I know one thing, my parents told me as a child, (I, by the way, come from a fairly well-off family)

    All money is earned by labor.

    And under the lying stone, water does not flow.

    Just do what you love and try to be the best at what you do. Any skill in this world can be monetized (ANY!)

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