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  1. Liberalism is the ideology of Modernity. It is by definition opposed to Tradition and traditional values. But as practice has shown, liberalism quite fit into the society in which traditional values were gently replaced by Modernity (Western). At the same time, however, a huge zone of archaism emerged (values destroyed by Modernity inevitably gave rise to it). It is not for nothing that it was in the nineteenth century that a renaissance of magic, occultism, spiritualism, and so on took place in the West. things that would seem to be characteristic of a primitive society, but not of a developed civilization. And the same XIX century. it became the age of machines, the age of the development of liberalism. Sooner or later, classical liberalism itself gradually became a kind of tradition in Western societies, and what is called “conservatism” in the West also includes liberal values. In Russia, however, a completely different situation occurred, and historically we were more receptive to a different ideology of Modernity – socialism (and communism). But this ideology had deep traditional roots, going back centuries to medieval trends, the early Christian community, and even to primitive society. If political and civil freedom (the values of liberalism) were new ideas (Modernism), then equality and justice (the values of socialism) were the centuries-old dream of mankind. Therefore, it was in Russia that the alternative Modern revolution took place (with the basis in socialism) and later the synthesis of this Modern revolution with the Russian primarily Slavophil and conservative traditions. And so in our country, unlike in the West, liberalism cannot become a tradition. Because in our country it was rejected by the masses of people and then imposed from above since 1991. What is professed by modern youth (who go to rallies) is not classical liberalism. This is rather a kind of anarchism, a protest against the authoritarian state. Yes, and our liberals (not all, but many) In fact, they are more anarcho-individualists in Russia than liberals. They deny the state as such, that the USSR, that the Russian Federation, but they become liberals only in the West.

    So a compromise between liberalism and traditional values is possible – respect for the law, recognition of certain individual rights is not alien to conservatism and traditional values, but not all civilizations put these values first. And liberalism will be rejected where there is no historical basis for it, where it has long been supplanted by the alternative of Modernity-socialism. It is not for nothing that the authorities in our country have to suppress nationalism, socialism and conservatism from above. Otherwise, they inevitably grow through any liberal initiatives, like grass and roots through asphalt.

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