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  1. Christ was a real person and konnechno obos legends, in the Bible as it is known 100 errors or more (edited proshchentov on 30 I think for the human benefit of that time, for example, the authorities) and had the power that glorified Him and remember and go to him for more than 2 thousand years, and the myths are not worshiped, so God marked Him, and miracles of faith are manifested, in Orthodoxy and among protistants,personally I have no doubt and the shroud,the face from manapello proof and images on temples manifested by a miracle!This is the main thing that he is not an ordinary person but the only one of 3!

  2. If it were established , the Bible would be recognized as a mythological book. If it still doesn't count as such, it means that the entire “Christian population”(I couldn't find a better word) believes that all the events described there are not fiction. So you just read the Bible, and what you think is a myth is a myth to you. Faith is a purely subjective thing.

  3. Classics of the genre-unity and struggle of opposites.Jesus is certainly historical and he is a man, but he is also the son of God-a preacher, the founder of the teaching that makes the world religion.

  4. This is not a line, but a chasm-between the myths about Christ and His real life on earth.

    And this was done-especially for the Russians, so that they would not rush and remain fools.

    It was done violently, clumsily, bloodily, with boundless impudence against Christ, but it was done.

    Christ was stolen from you, and you're asking stupid questions…

    Can Christ be brought back?


    No one else has it, only in Russian.

    How so?

    And so:

    Birth 6660 summer (1152) Vladimir

    Crucifixion 6693 summer 21 eylet osmitsa evening

    Sunrise 22 eylet week morning

    Moreover, Christ (os) Himself wrote about His Crucifixion

    in a word about Igor's regiment, the author of which He is.

    After that, he lived for another 111 years

    Return to Heaven as the Almighty

    1296 Aachen.

  5. You know, about the same Prince Vladimir, there are only a couple of chronicles (4 Gospels about Christ), but nevertheless everyone believes that the prince is a historical person , and they doubt Christ . there are even fewer records about Plato and Socrates ,but everyone is sure that they were actually there.

  6. That line is between faith and unbelief, between light and darkness, between good and evil. This facet is the front line of the spiritual forces of light and darkness. The line between truth and error.

  7. Face, everyone has their own! My opinion is that Jesus is not a fiction.First of all, he was an empath, had certain special abilities, and brought to the world, love, goodness, truth and light. He loved the whole world, protected people from rulers who do not live for the people, but only fill their pockets.For this, he was ryaspiali, all the same, impudent muzzles)) which have only darkness inside. The same thing is happening now.An example of this is Tsoi, Talkov, Decl, etc. Did the latter themselves pass away,or were they helped!?

  8. Are the non-canonical Gospels the best testimonies?

    And if the New Testament texts also existed “on their own,” would their testimony also be insufficient?

    And what document would assure a skeptic?.. You personally…

  9. The line between the two is extremely simple in this case. Where miracles and claims about the divine origin of Jesus of Nazareth begin, we are dealing with mythology at its worst. It is true that mythology may also contain a complex idea, as in the parables of Jesus, but it must be extracted through exegesis or hermeneutics, i.e., through interpretation, as Origen did in his time. Notice, by the way, how often the gospels indicate that Jesus ' disciples did not understand his words and parables very well. And from here to the wonders of one step. And this is despite the fact that Jesus from the very beginning (the plot of “temptations in the wilderness”) refused miracles. It is necessary to understand, and not to be weird. Moreover, religion should be natural, not magical and miraculous. Stop playing with Santa's toys.

  10. Jesus was a historical Figure, says Josephus, the Qumran Dead Sea scrolls found in their time, the Shroud itself with the preserved image of the Savior, archaeological finds, and in general a mythical person can not settle in the human heart, but Jesus can, when a person finds his personal faith and feels with all his gut the living Christ in his no longer sinful,but in the changed heart of righteousness,Lo, I am with you all the days and to the end of the world!

  11. Hello there.I believe that historically there was Yeshua, who called his fellow tribesmen to empathy, to unity and to get a sense of one collective consciousness, which in my opinion is the God of the Jews.And then, when the religion was fashioned, naturally, both appearance and attributes were mythologized.Jesus is constantly called a rabbi-teacher,and what does his divinity have to do with it?To be honest, I've always been annoyed at Easter fun like resurrected.And it looks like the murder of a poet and a teacher, and even with a malicious assurance-they say, what is it ?he was resurrected, wasn't he?so they didn't kill me!!

  12. We must look for the answer in the Bible ,where lies and truth about the two Jesus are united . The first is the Dark One, the King of Judah after Moses . About the second-there is no information about life until the age of 32, ” I came to save the lost sheep of Israel only.”

    “you Greeks don't even know that Christ came five hundred years ago” – found in medieval manuscripts . (1053-1086, killed on February 16-earthquake and explosion.eclipse – (info from the Bible )

    Reliable information from Svetlana Levashova “Revelations”.

  13. For autosuggestion, which is not only used, but the generally accepted �is Jesus. Believing in Jesus and hungry will become full from one hearty hiccup of the master.

    It is important for the master that the slave always believes that one piece of bread can feed thousands.

  14. I constantly “stumble” on the” duplicity ” of Christ. He is a God, but He is also a man. He takes it for granted. But how do people understand this? When is he a man and when is he a God? Very interesting synthesis. Is the human that breaks out in him in the Garden of Gethsemane an involuntary process, outside of His will? Or is this a mandatory situation that is “part of the program”? If this is a spontaneous manifestation of human nature, then at that moment it was dominated by a person? Lots of questions.

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