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  1. First, you need to decide in which direction you would like to develop. Art is a flexible concept that can include fashion, photography, working in a museum, creating paintings and sculptures, etc. Once you determine the direction, it will be clearer where to go.

    Vacancies in museums are most often published on their official websites, various creative vacancies can be found in Telegram channels and small specialized groups and sites. You can directly search for it in the search: “interesting work [your city]”, “work for creative people”, “work in the field of art”.

    If you have the opportunity, it is better to start with an internship: the entry threshold is lower, you can get practical experience and knowledge, less responsibility, and it is also easier for an employer to hire an intern for a permanent position than to look for a candidate again. In addition, many internships are paid.

  2. Just like that, it's almost impossible to find a job with a good PO. I would recommend that you initially train and offer your services for free, provided that you take the work in your portfolio.

    And then, with a cool portfolio and experience, you can go look for a suitable vacancy.

    The same rule applies to freelance exchanges.

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