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  1. The animal has only instincts, everything they do in the circus or at home on camera is all training on the part of the owner, and on the part of the dog waiting for a treat for performing a trick.

  2. If we consider this question from the philosophical point of view, then based on the meterialist approach, consciousness is formed by evolution. At the first stage, irritability is formed – the ability of living organisms to react to environmental influences .Irritability is possessed by plants ,for example, flowers are drawn to the sun. At the second stage, sensitivity is the ability of living beings to react with their senses to environmental influences.It is possessed by lower animals. At the third stage, the psyche appears – this is an elementary comprehension of sensory perception. The psyche is inherent in all animals, and manifests itself in instincts. At the last stage is already consciousness, it is in consciousness that there are such abilities as reflection,abstraction and speech.Consciousness is inherent only in man. Self – confidence, regret about something, and plans for the future belong to reflection and therefore are inherent only in a person.

  3. To begin with, it is quite difficult to determine the presence or absence of even the deepest levels of abstraction in animals due to the impossibility of communication, because even if a certain animal is prone to reflection and philosophy, then without emotions and a speech code that we understand, we, alas, will not be able to see this.

    However, some chimpanzee species are able to learn sign language! In a series of experiments, it was found that monkeys trained in this language very well separate the speakers and the people who taught them, whom they put in the same group with them, and “dirty animals”- those monkeys, including even their close relatives, who were left to touch on the branches.

  4. None at all. Animals don't have abstract thinking. I think I read somewhere that rats can be an exception to this rule, but I don't think this is true.

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