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  1. Hello, one of the most popular and fresh trends in art is: Abstractionism;





  2. Now the most popular, in my opinion, direction in art is digital graphics (digital art). Its advantage is that digital art brings together all the variety of genres and combines digital technologies and art.

    This genre is now relevant and in demand by customers, as digital art plays an important role in the visual basis of many projects (games, applications, design).

    Recent trends that I've noticed recently in the digital art genre: 3D and photobaching.

  3. Maria Kharitonova, an art critic and cultural critic, is responsible for the project “Where is Culture”.:

    Today, the leading trends in the field of visual art are various variations on the theme of digital art, this flagship trend in contemporary art. This includes both digital painting (Vaughn even Hockney dabbles in painting on an iPad) and net art (net art), which actively uses the possibilities of the Internet. In general, all sorts of experiments with virtual reality are now especially in demand and relevant. For example, the use of augmented reality in art is generating strong interest in the art space and is rapidly gaining momentum. In Russia, CYLAND is probably the most advanced platform for digital art experiments. The organizers of this platform organize exhibitions, festivals (like the famous Cyberfest, now Cyfest), support young artists engaged in media art, providing them with the necessary resources. So the number is our everything.

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