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  1. Those workshops that we see in videos or movies, in my opinion, are different from those in which we can find ourselves. Because in the video, these are just interiors, but in reality, each workshop is unique and the interaction of all objects is important in them. It is the objects that somehow sound special in each workshop.

    The most amazing workshop I've ever been to belongs to the artist Petlyura. In it, you simultaneously find yourself in a Gogol fairy tale, a bohemian French studio and a costume room of all the shows in the world.

    I also remember the workshops of Pavel Pepperstein, Anton Kushaev (in the Garage workshops), designer Stas Falkov (Kruzhok), group workshops at Elektrozavod and at the Dar Research Institute (ARXIV).

    During the pandemic, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper showed interest in artists ' workshops and did a series of interviews. In one of the issues, I visited my modest studio, where I edit and sometimes shoot photo interviews.

    While studying at the Rodchenko School, my classmate Katya Muromtseva and I visited the studio of the artist Viktor Alimpiev and filmed him at work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE7uOCTNHg0&t=172s

    Everyone loves workshops: artists, curators, collectors, and audiences alike. These are special places, I agree, I know stories when a person became an artist just because he dreamed of his own studio.

  2. mine)

    I think that any artist (as well as any person in principle) has their own ideas about the ideal workplace.

    all sorts of house-museums are interesting to look at and explore, a fact. but it is unlikely – it makes sense to compare workshops by some rating…

  3. Gallery-workshop of Gennady Stepanovich Raishev. Unfortunately, he died at the beginning of 2021 (COVID-19), but his contribution to the culture of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra is huge.

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