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  1. This question is incorrect. You must first define the concept of “improved”, what has been improved and who has been improved. Western democracy has enabled the Comprador bourgeoisie to plunder their own countries, and the sixers of this bourgeoisie to flourish relatively. If we are talking about the majority of the people, then if free medical care, housing, scanty fees for public services, free education for everyone, the absence of poverty, crises, the prosperity of science, art and much more-deterioration, then why was it so important for the West to discredit socialism by all available means? The answer is clear – so that their working people do not learn about the “deterioration” in the countries of socialism, and would not want to worsen their lives..

  2. OK, let's make a quick calculation:

    The Russians get North Korea, and the Americans get South Korea. The SK's GDP is larger than that of Russia, with all its oil and the ” riches of Siberia.”

    West Germany, Austria-the latter, as you know, was exchanged from Stalin for concessions in Eastern Europe. Russia has ruined 40 years of Poland, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and so on

    Spain – barely beat off hybrid Russians from ikhtamnet at one time – but Cuba and Venezuela could not – the countries turned into a garbage dump.�

    Japan-they gave them the constitution, threw off the military dictatorship-it turned out to be a sweet country, the Russians turned out to be a garbage dump in the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, and Kamchatka.�

    Well, this is on a whim. Well, add another 50 US states-illiterate Russians call them the non-existent word 'States' – it's hard to accept that USA is the United States of America, like in French ,немец German. Only California's GDP is larger than Germany's, and New York's GDP is larger than the GDP of all of Russia.

  3. The United States has never set itself the task of bringing any improvements to any countries. The United States has set itself the task of deterring communism, pursuing the goals of countering violations of international treaties, violations of anyone's territorial integrity and the principle of inviolability of borders, non-compliance with the nuclear non-proliferation regime, etc.

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